There is a place where the earth is nearest to the sky, where man is nearest to the gods, and that is Tibet. It is said that the traveler has a Tibetan dream in his heart. His life would not be complete without going to Tibet, to feel the power of faith, to see the magic of nature, to start a journey to Tibet, and to realize the beautiful dream.

How many people are the dead loyal fans of Tibet, clearly just came back from Tibet, began to miss there, although just went to the time of physical discomfort, high on the contrary uncomfortable, but, pain and happy, this is probably the charm of Tibet.

The charming scenery on the top of the world, the plateau above the pious faith, when the mountain and sacred lake in your eyes like picture one by one, moved to tears, you may be the mysterious place, like a heaven where there are high mountains, the earth, lakes, the sun, there are Buddha hall, pastels, patter, pilgrims, there is the most pure faith, the most beautiful smile, there is the real life, the most striking scenery.

When you walk through the 318 national highway, you gallop freely in the memory of this land, even if you travel around the world, your memory is more profound or those riding in the March 18 figure, when you come, just understand, this undulating altitude is like the height and altitude of life.

When you climb the mira pass, maybe you feel tired and want to die, but when you look up, you see the colorful prayer flags flying in the wind, the holy and huge snow mountain in front of you, and the white clouds under the blue sky, you will be surprised to say nothing.

Only been to Everest, deep into the inside feel its loneliness and arrogant, not only magnificent grand Everest, and majestic, 20 kilometers around it, within the scope of the high peaks, mountains fold, at an altitude of 7000 meters above the peak alone has more than 40, when rising above sea level, what will happen to you to see the world, a totally unable to understand the world in your city, a world of only 0.00007% of the human experience.

Known as the sacred mountain in the world, mount kailash is 6,656 meters above sea level. Every year, there are always many pilgrims to mount kailash. Pilgrims, both buddhist and Hindu followers, are all about rinpoche has heretofore, all feel that as long as the pilgrimage to mountain sacred lake once in a lifetime, is politics, okada rinpoche’s is not the highest mountain in the region, but only it can snow-topped peaks in the sunshine shines the strange light, from the eyes.

To say what can purify the soul most, I think it must be the lake of namcuo, she has no magic, there is only touching love legend. Namu lake is located in the central part of Tibet autonomous region. It is the second largest lake in Tibet and the third largest saltwater lake in China. Namco is a sacred place in the minds of pilgrims. The five islands in the lake stand out in the vast expanse of green water.

When you turn the lake to the top of the mountain, looking at the distant snow mountain and namcuo, looking at the mountain around the lake and turn the people, looking at those a long head step by step, body and mind grovel on the ground worship. You will feel the meaning of life and faith, and even feel like a prayer flag in the wind, the wind fluttering is a kind of happiness.

The attraction of Tibet is not only the picturesque scenery, but also the fact that there are many mysterious places. What we want to know and discover is that there are so many sacred mountains and lakes, mysteries that have not been solved for thousands of years. Everything in Tibet is worth remembering and recalling for a lifetime, which can always bring you peace.