Peach blossom spring warm first open, beautiful who does not look;

Peach blossom burn has brilliance, countless into a trail more fly;

Peach blossom stream suddenly go, there is another world.

“Three born three, ten miles of peach blossom”, can only exist in the fantasy of human xanadu, in nyingchi this piece of magical land, the real presentation, secret wonderland.

How many heroes have gone down in history? How many famous people praise the paradise?

Ever remember, luo guanzhong’s peach garden three become sworn brothers, in a season of peach blossom, forged a deep friendship, in a sense, peach blossom, not only is the symbol of love, but also friendship, affection precipitation.

In the early spring of 2016, I came to nyingchi with a few like-minded partners, for the sake of dreams, more for the sake of the lonely soul, on the road, the harvest is often a series of surprises.

Our destination is Lhasa, but long heard nyingchi area is called “Tibet’s small jiangnan”, “China’s most beautiful spring”, since the line does not conflict, simply let the inner restlessness traction, take me to see the most beautiful scenery.

Peach blossom hometown, beautiful nyingchi, our first stop came to the yarlung zangbo grand canyon scenic area, this is a beautiful and moving place, small Bridges, water homes, peach flowers dotted among them, smoke and mist wreathing, snow mountains and rivers skyline.

During the journey, we got to know friendly and lovely tibetans, and heard stories about nyingchi and Tibetan areas. For example, the namgabawa peak, which is revered by tibetans as the sacred mountain and the “father of all the mountains in Tibet”, ranks the first among all the mountains with an altitude of 7000+.

Suosong village and straightforward village are excellent places to enjoy flowers. I like to stay in the attic on the second floor very much because it is quiet and free. It seems contradictory but full of hope.

Night, looked up at the stars, twinkling dazzling, when the dark, as if to tell me a fairy tale of the past, the pillow is playing a small stereo about the peach blossom melody, I really feel, I love here, fall in love with linzhi.