The yarlung zangbo river, a river with vigorous vitality, flows in the arms of the small south of the snowy plateau. Wherever the mother river of the snowy region flows, it infiltrates the surrounding forests, valleys and farmland, ethereal and beautiful like a ribbon.

But in one place that the legendary river passes, there is a strange contrast to the wetness of the river: the Buddha’s palm dunes.

Fozhang dune, a pale yellow, lingers on a bend of the yarlung zangbo river.

Why is it called Buddha palm dune?

From a distance, the sand dune and its reflection in the river water look like a pair of hands, hence the name.

From nyingchi bayi district to mirin county send town to tour yarlung zangbo river canyon, on the way through danniang township, from the danniang township not far away from the yarlung zangbo river, is the Buddha palm dune, also because it is located in danniang township, this dune is also called danniang dune, dune named because of the village, dune is famous for its beauty.

The dunes created by nature have beautiful curves that fascinate people. The delicate sand looks extremely gentle, but the dune is often cruel.

The fozhang dunes in the valley, however, are a far different place from the desert, lifeless and waterless hopelessness of the dunes.

Stand on dune of Buddha palm, you can see ahead is a large green farmland, the foot is the bilge river water that entwine in dune periphery, the top of the head is wonderful highland snow mountain, there are countless dense forest, the cow sheep of simple and simple state in the distance, the big bird that flies over the head and blue so that can wring the blue sky of ink.

These are a striking contrast to the pale yellow dunes, a striking combination that is perhaps even more magical than the shifting light.

Why in nyingchi this lukewarm run hinterland, can have dune?

In the dry season of winter and spring, the strong westerly winds prevailing in the yarlung zangbo river valley raise the fine sand on the flood plain and sandbar, and weaken the wind in the wide valley, in the bend of the river, in the col of the river bank and even on the top of the mountain.

Day after day, the continuous sand dunes into rolling sand sea, which makes the river forward difficult. Sand and water do not give way to each other to fight, in the wet season, water prevail, in the dry season, sand is the dominant. This has also become a unique landscape of the yarlung zangbo river.

The legend of Buddha palm dune

In Tibet, wherever there is a view, there are many wonderful and interesting legends.

Legend Buddha palm sand dunes below the original is a village, named lagang village, the village has a skilled hunter named dedo. Once go out hunting found a monster chasing a woman, then save the woman, the woman is the dragon woman, to thank the grace of life, give DE more than one side can foresee the future of the mirror DE more holding a mirror, the heart holding the dragon woman smile back home.

From then on, he did not go hunting, in order to see the dragon woman, he went fishing instead, as long as he calls three times in the river, the dragon woman will appear in a spray. Gradually, they become more and more inseparable, to a day no see, two people you eat well, I do not sleep sweet point. But before long, the old dragon king found his daughter’s behavior, in order not to let them two people together, the old dragon king intends to get rid of deduo, or even destroy the whole village.

When dragon woman and dedo look in the mirror, they see the whole village covered with sand. They know that the dragon king is using this method to separate them, if they continue to contact, the consequences will be unimaginable. However, neither of them wanted to leave the other. After thinking about it for a day, they decided to tell everyone what the dragon king was trying to do, so that they could leave the village quickly.

By telling the secret in the mirror, the dragon woman turns them into turtles to escape. However day wish hard violate, they didn’t become tortoise, the reverse became stone, but they forever connect together.

So far we can still see two people who are interested in the dragon lovers, now called turtle stone. After relocating near the dunes, the villagers of lagang named the new place samba village, meaning “secret village,” in honor of the fact that dedo had spoken — and the villagers who lost dedo never spoke of what happened that night.

Buddha palm dunes are visitors with tourism resort, a large number of tourists come here to see the peculiar view of the river, there are a lot of young people will be here to have fun sliding sand or flying sand pictures, of course, more and more people are choosing to Buddha palm dune picture taken, how special it will be snowy wedding photos!