Talking about Tibet, most people are familiar with, both in Lhasa and shannan, nyingchi, have to let you forget the scenery, but Tibet Nyemo County, people know little, Nyemo County belongs to the Tibet autonomous region, is located in central and southern Tibet, north bank of the yarlung zangbo river middle reaches, located in south-central autonomous region, 147 kilometers away from Lhasa, is Tibet before, tsang anastomoses. Most people hear the name for the first time, but when it comes to its three most famous specialties, you must be very familiar, Nyemo has three: Tibetan ni paper, Nyemo Tibetan incense and pusong carving.

These three specialties, like the Tibetan characters created in Nyemo, embody the wisdom of the Tibetan nation and have the same long history and social influence. As early as 1300 years ago, the minister of songtsen gambu, thanmi sambuza, created the Tibetan characters in Nyemo County. It is said that he taught the villagers the three unique skills of NyemoNyemo paper

Nyemo Tibetan paper production has a long history, completely according to the traditional manual manufacturing process to produce, hidden, paper production mainly in Nyemo County town sheila village tower and its production of raw materials is a local one, called the Wolf poison toxic weeds, Tibetan is called “day”, the paper mainly is to use its roots, when picking so have an effect to the environment, postharvest need 5-10 years to grow back.

The production of Tibetan paper in Nyemo County has a total of six processes, all of which are completed by hand. The production basically adopts family-style family inheritance and can only be learned through long-term operation. Moreover, there are no specific quantitative indicators for the production. Nyemo County people’s government took measures to increase the protection of Tibetan paper technology.

Nyemo Tibetan incense

Nyemo Tibetan incense is mainly produced in tunba township, Nyemo County. For thousands of years, villagers in tunba County have produced the well-known “Nyemo Tibetan incense “by relying on abundant water, superior climate, abundant resources, ingenious tools and unique Tibetan incense making techniques and formulas.

After more than a thousand years of continuous innovation and improvement, Tibetan incense has developed into more than a dozen different varieties, each with different USES. In addition to the sacrificial function, Tibetan incense has always been in the same line with the “smoking therapy” in Tibetan medicine. Because, in the Tibetan incense contains a large number of precious plant medicine: such as saffron, sandalwood, long pine, benzoin, borneol, hay and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions to use, not only fragrance overflowing, but also to the cold, influenza and a variety of infectious diseases have a very good preventive effect.

Pusong carving

Pusong is a famous “hometown of sculpture”. Sculpture in Nyemo County pusong township has a long history and enjoys a high reputation as an ancient art handed down from generation to generation by the people of pusong township.

Pusong carving forms are diverse, widely used, not only a single character carving, but also graphic design; It is used not only in Tibetan buddhist activities, but also in the printing of prayer flags, which are printed in pusong engravings on many mountain passes in Tibet.

In poussin, every house has a number of scriptural engravings and printing tools, stacked on top of each other with various carved and to-be engraved tablets. You have to marvel at how many procedures and exquisite carving techniques a piece of original head must go through to present the final perfection.