Is the roof of the world

Is a paradise in the snowy

This is an area deeply influenced by Buddhist thought.

The power of religion goes deep into the marrow

No line will be so raised to the height of spiritual baptism

Nothing can stop, your yearning for freedom

You are easily touched by a look and an action.

You will involuntarily torture happiness and think about life.

Most beautiful Lhasa

While retaining its mysterious charm, Lhasa quickly absorbs the colorful cultures of the world. It is arguably the most suitable city for self-help travel. It gathers the hotel gathering areas of tourists from all over the world, and often makes you forget where you are. – For this pure land of the plateau, and the blue sky that has long been unforgettable, no one can refuse.

Here, the most we are impressed is that we simply use our eyes to record and touch the hands and feel the power of faith.

St. Lake Namco

Nam Co is the highest salt lake in the world, the largest lake in Tibet, the holy place in the eyes of pilgrims! According to the legend of believers, every time they go to the Tibetan New Year, the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and the temples of the expansion of the gods will set up an altar in Namco. At this time, they will go to worship and turn to the lake to recite the scriptures, which is better than the 100,000 times of the pilgrimage to the lake. Therefore, every April 15 or so, the deaf believers will not hesitate to travel long distances, they have to go to Namco to turn to the lake, such as the tide, the unprecedented state.

The world’s first appearance, Ali

It is very close to the sky, the clouds are very low; the land here is vast, the snow-capped mountains are stretched, and the lakes are empty; entering Ali, as if the time has flowed for 1 million years, is like entering a world of prehistoric chaos. The most attractive route for Ali is the Great Northern Ring! This road has come to see countless snow-capped mountains and lakes. It takes a while to walk through this route, which is definitely the most memorable trip in life!


Mangkang County is located in the Hengduan Mountains in the southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It has been the southeast gate of Tibet since ancient times. It is connected to Sichuan Batang in the east and Deqin in Yunnan in the south. It is the first stop of the ancient Tea Horse Road in Tibet. Mangkang is naturally rich in tourism, with lush virgin forests and rich and simple ethnic customs. Mangkang has the unique way of salt-salting in the world, Yanjing Yantian, and the only Catholic temple in Xizang, the enchanting plateau lake, Miaocuo Lake.


The word “Mood” means “flower” in Tibetan. It is a subtropical humid climate zone on the eastern side of the Himalayas and has a tropical rain forest. Entering Medog County, you can enjoy the colorful and colorful natural landscape from the alpine frigid zone to the tropical rainforest within a few hours. It is known as “Xishuangbanna of Tibet”.

Most beautiful Linzhi

Linzhi, known as “Jiangnan in the south of Tibet”, is like a color palette that nature puts here. Standing in the distance and looking at it all, it is like a painting, full of color. Beautiful rural scenery, you will have a sense of being in the south of the Yangtze River.

Tibet can’t wash the mind like 84 disinfectant

You can’t forget your troubles like forgetting the water.

But here is the gift of nature.

Have a rustic and enthusiastic people

Have a simple, pure smile

Have a pair of clear talking eyes