Far from the Bayan Kala Mountains

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Direction: Sichuan Aba, Gannan Maqu

Average elevation: 4000+

Main peak elevation: 5369 meters

Size Haizi: 300+

Lakeside camping

The natural scenery of Nianbao is very suitable for camping. In the seasons of June and July, you will see wild flowers and glacial meadows in the wilderness.

Consumer Guide

Because there is no place for tourists to eat in the scenic area, it is recommended to bring some dry food and drinking water. Here, the main consumption is the 120 yuan ticket, the other expenses vary from person to person.

Dressing guide

According to June to August, because the average elevation is 4000+, the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large, and it is essential to keep warm underwear, catch fleece and jacket. The shoes are waterproof, the socks are a few pairs, and the high-intensity sunscreen can’t fall. If you want to experience horseback riding, don’t forget your gloves!

Fairy Lakeside

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the lake is green, and there is a lake of more than 100 meters long in the north of Fairy Lake. It is a sister lake with Fairy Lake, which complements each other and complements each other.

Here, please respect the local folk customs, and prohibit the fishing and swimming in the lake. In the eyes of the Tibetans, the trees and trees of the Nianbao are sacred and cannot be defiled.

If you go to Nianbao in the summer, please bring mosquito repellent, wind oil, and cool oil, because there are more mosquitoes outdoors.

Nian Bao Yu

In fact, Nianbao is mainly looking at Fairy Lake and Wolverine Lake, and you can see it at the gate of the scenic spot. It is also a good place for lamas and local Tibetans to turn to the lake.

If you want to hike through Nianbao, you need to climb over two passes, with an altitude of 4,350 meters and 4,550 meters, which requires a certain amount of perseverance and strength.

In terms of signals, Mobile and China Unicom have no signal for almost a long time, and only telecommunications have signals. In terms of communication with local Tibetans, because the quality of each Tibetan is different and the level of Chinese is limited, please be patient and do not conflict.

Lake Vonpo

Located in the southwest direction of the Nianbao Yuze Scenic Area, it is divided into the above-mentioned Cuohu and the following. In the west bank of the lake, there are hot springs of all sizes, and every morning, the mist is misty and dreamlike.

Accommodation choice

Jiuzhi County: This is not a big one. Although the accommodation conditions are poor, it will not have any effect on the rest.

Nianbao Jade Scenic Area: There is a glass room next to the Fairy Lake, with double and triple rooms, and you can also bring your own tent to camp.

Line planning

Day[1] Chengdu–Wenchuan–Miyaluo–Jingjing Temple

Altitude [Unit: m]: 485-1432-2736-3351

Kilometers: 300Km

Day[2] Brushing Temple–Aba County–Jiuzhi County–Nianbao Yuzhe

Altitude [Unit: m]: 3351-2617-3626

Kilometers: 295Km