With the development of economy, people’s living standard has been improved obviously, so tourism has become an indispensable part of people’s life. By traveling, we can not only broaden our horizon, but also relax ourselves and relieve the pressure from work. Some people like the romantic seaside, some people like the vast grassland, some people yearn for the big city, some people like the plateau. The sichuan-tibet line is called by many as the most beautiful road in China. There are many beautiful scenes along the way.

1. Can entering Tibet “cleanse the soul”?

As we all know, the sichuan-tibet line is known as the “most beautiful scenic road in China”. But it would be a mistake to say that cycling and driving into Tibet is a journey of catharsis. At the end of the day, all this is a normal journey. For self-driving and cyclists, the experience is more likely to be those mountains and dumb words that make people collapse to the extreme. Cycling and self-driving are not sacred, but a journey that visitors will remember for a lifetime. No matter how deep, it’s still just a trip, nothing more.

2. On the way into Tibet, everyone should help me?

Many travel notes on the Internet have mentioned the simplicity of cultural customs on the road to Tibet. When difficulties came, many shop owners offered a helping hand, so many cyclists and self-drivers felt that they met good people. But we must know that all the inn and restaurant owners on the sichuan-tibet line do not set up shop for charity, they also need to earn hard money to support their families.

3, in the name of “travel on a budget”, all the way to eat and drink?

When there are more and more “budget travelers” on the sichuan-tibet line, they are actually consuming others’ kindness to their riding friends. When the kindness is exhausted one day, what is left is only indifference. Cycling in sichuan and Tibet requires perseverance, and more importantly, self-reliance. Travel on a budget, no matter what you do for yourself. First of all, the principle is not to hurt the interests of others or others good, not to maliciously overdraw the goodwill of a group of society. Travel on a budget, is a commendable spirit, but travel on a budget is not begging, should try to spend less money, do not waste money, as much as possible to save money, but not to scrounge meals, or even to scrounge others hotel. When there is a lot of this behavior, cyclists will become like sichuan-tibetan hikers, a group of people who no one wants to help.

4. Leave messages everywhere on the road. Every road sign is deeply engraved with “I have been here”.

Anyone who has passed the sichuan-tibet line should have seen the landmarks and signs painted with words such as visit, name and time. Cycling in sichuan and Tibet is beyond our imagination. Sitting at home, we can’t feel the picturesque xindu bridge, the super visual impact of sister lake, or the grandeur of the nu river grand canyon. Although cycling road is hard, but please ride civilized, to harvest their own things. You can go to the Internet to find some photos, the basic line of the logo has been painted to occupy the position.

5, meet animals along the way, how to deal with?

If you drive into Tibet, you may encounter yak and sheep blocking the road, which will affect your journey. Cycling, you may encounter stray dogs; Walking freely through the streets of Lhasa, you may find rats running around. Traveling in Tibet, many people want to ask, is there no way for the “wanton” animals here? No, it can’t be helped. Because Tibetan areas respect all forms of life, so do not touch them, in order not to let yourself get hurt, you need to avoid as much as possible.