Do you know the charm of the starry sky of Nam Co, Tibet?

Namco is the best spot to shoot the stars

Namu’s starry sky

Let your romantic feelings show the most

Is a beauty you have never seen before.

Nam Co, at 4,718 meters above sea level

Is the lake closest to heaven

Namu wrong blue sky during the day

Intertwined with the cloud

At night, it’s full of stars

Such a magnificent starry sky

Must be the closest to the sky

In order to capture the most beautiful starry sky

Only in Tibet can you

Going to Tibet must see the most beautiful starry sky

Standing by the lake and looking up at the stars

You will be shocked by the mighty stars

The holiness and beauty of Namtso

Is a concern for every visitor

Namco became one of the must-see attractions

Even in winter, new heights are created

a vast lake like the sea

Mani heap trajectory

Swinging colorful prayer flags

Full of starry sky

Want to mobilize the body’s literary cells

Write the next lyric

But all the words are pale

Can’t describe what I saw and heard at the moment

This is probably the magic of Nam Co.