Most people think that it is not appropriate to go to Tibet in winter. In fact, Tibet in the winter is the paradise of true God. At this time, there are almost no tourists in the winter, only the warm sun, the Tibetans and the scenery that they have never seen before.

Namco is a Tibetan language. The Mongolian name is “Tengger Sea”, which means “Tianhu”. Namtso is one of the “three great holy lakes” in Tibet.

Nam Co is a place where many tourists are lingering, and it has been mentioned in various travelogues to Tibet.

There are a lot of people who have seen the fascinating blue Namco in the summer, but there are few people who smoke in the middle of the ice.

In the winter, Nam Co, like a fairy tale world, has completely different scenery, which is so fascinating.

When Namco is frozen for thousands of miles because of the cold, you will be completely stunning. It turns out that this holy lake only reveals its most holy side in the winter without tourists.

The majestic snow-capped mountains, steep glaciers, beautiful islands, and heavy snowfall are the most beautiful views of Nam Co.

In the winter, it is rare to see such a clean ice surface, without a trace of dust and debris.

The cold weather instantly freezes the flowing lake water, forming wavy ice. The lake suddenly stops moving, and the time seems to be still, more holy, just like the kingdom of heaven.

Walking on the surface of the lake, the ice is like a cracked earth, and the cracks extend into the distance.

The beautiful Namco has become a paradise for snow and ice in the cold winter.

The heart of the lake is so calm, the color of the lake reflects through the sun and presents different colors at different angles.

The crystal clear ice reflects the light in the eyes, like a gem.

The snow-capped mountains surround the holy lake, like an emerald embedded in a diamond.

On the hill next to Namco, the noodles are filled with the Hada of the Tibetans and the prayers that dance with the wind.

Nam Co in the winter, a quiet and serene.

There is hardly any sound here, just like a quiet picture, this is the purity and tranquility of the holy lake.

Without the hustle and bustle of tourists, there is no sound of the summer lake slap on the shore, leaving only the blue sky and the white lake against each other, quiet and cold.

When the winter sun shines on the holy lake, although the surrounding temperature is very low, the white snow and the lake that shine in front of the eyes make people feel a sense of peace and warmth.

In the world of ice and snow, only the blue sky and the snow-capped mountains and icy lakes reflect each other. This holy scenery is always unforgettable.