Whenever mentioned the Sichuan-Tibet line

People who have not been there are full of enthusiasm

People who have been there are lingering

Yes … …

Because it is beautiful

Because it is simple

Because it loves and sincerity


More and more places are being discovered

You will see different scenery

Today, Chuan Zangjun came to see you the story of Sichuan and Tibet, to see the novelty, wonderful, funny moments on the road!

First, the groundhog

I believe that people who have entered Tibet have more or less understanding of it. It is called “the elf from afar” by the locals and is a friendly friend of humanity. Of course, try not to be too close when playing with it. After all, the environment of the groundhog is complicated, and it is not ruled out that there are factors such as germs!

Second, white tent

The Sichuan-Tibet line, Chengdu to Lhasa more than 2,000 kilometers, long roads, all the way west, you will see the occasional white tents on both sides of the road.

Please remember! Seeing such a white tent should not be easy to walk in. It is a special purpose for Tibetans to choose a daughter-in-law for their daughter. If you want to stay in Tibet, you can go in and try.

Third, the special function of Tibetan girls

Some people say that Tibetan girls can treat rheumatism, and when I first saw such an explanation, I couldn’t laugh. To this end, Sichuan Zangjun also specifically collected relevant data, the result is that the Tibetan girl’s body temperature is generally higher than the mainland girl, according to such data analysis, there is a certain degree of credibility in the treatment of rheumatism.

Fourth, Maggie Ami

I first heard this word as a kind of food in Tibetan areas, or somewhere in poetry. However, it is a Tibetan restaurant in Lhasa.

There are various legends about Maggie Ami, the most famous of which is the Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, because he has married the beautiful and kind “Maggie Ami” here.

In Tibet, in Lhasa, there is a saying so far: Meet Love, Maggie Ami!

Five, green beans

Every day in front of the Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, you will always see the Tibetan old people in a fixed place, using the exclusive equipment to pick up the green kidney beans. Many people ask Sichuan and Tibet what is this?

In fact, there are two kinds of arguments. The first is Shuman, which is the continuation of the long march of the Long March. The second is the blessing. The devout believers believe that the green pea is the god of the future generations. The medicinal green beans can be prayed and very effective.

Six. Cow dung in Tibet

Although the term cow dung is not very elegant, it is a “baby” of Tibetans in Tibetan areas. It will play different roles depending on the occasion.

1. Essential oil for cooking tea in daily life.

2. At the wedding of the Tibetan compatriots, the center of the venue will hang colorful arrows. Below it will be a bag of cow dung and a bucket of clear water, and a white Hada on it, symbolizing the life after marriage is red and hot. Fu, family business is booming.

3, the courtyard is built, in the farming and pastoral areas of the Tibetan area, each family’s outer wall will be covered with cow dung cake, this way not only can protect the house in winter, but also can be used for cold protection.

Seven, Lhasa Bar

If you are carpooling from Chengdu, you will laugh and laugh, meet beautiful scenery, listen to humanities, and interact with each other. You can say that this experience is impossible.

In the holy city of Lhasa, you should feel the night with your friends, its bar, the bars here are mostly distinctive, the decoration style, the night atmosphere, the music rhythm, you deserve to have…

Eight, mixed men and women

Another way of saying it is called “Insane House”, which means that men and women are mixed, regardless of gender, and dawn! People who walk on this road have more trust than guesses, and they are more and more isolated. They will soon be able to get together, tell each other, listen to each other…

Nine, poor women seeking to ride a car

From an objective point of view, such a situation exists on the Sichuan-Tibet line. However, there are not as many as imagined. After all, women who have time need more courage to get out of the first step.

This way to enter the Tibetan model is to save money! So much so that he was criticized for a long time and was crowned with the title of “Cannon to Lhasa”.

Is this really the case? of course not! First, the value of the poor women on the Sichuan-Tibet line is generally sorry (forgive straight male cancer)! Second, the old drivers on the Sichuan-Tibet line need to have a speaker, so as to avoid the risk of fatigue driving. Third, there is no denying that there will be exceptions, but such a probability is minimal.

Ten, my little brother / Miss sister

There are always a group of people on the Sichuan-Tibet line. They are generally literary and artistic, and they like to be simple, like free and easy, and like to be free.

Of course, they are more looking forward to a beautiful love! Perhaps it is a car that is carpooling, maybe it is a garden on the road, maybe a street shop in Lhasa…

More and more people are on the Sichuan-Tibet line

Originally in order to see such a landscape