Everyone who goes to Tibet has a different mood, some of it because of dreams, some of it because of the desire to relax, some of it because of the obsession, some of it because of the belief in the heart…

Why do you have to go to Tibet? There are so many reasons: to visit the potala palace, to cleanse the mind, to find the direction of life, or to relax, to travel the mountains and rivers of the world.

No matter what brings you to Tibet, Tibet will always be waiting for you in the most beautiful posture!

Xizang spring, pink sea

In xizang in spring, you can see peach blossoms everywhere in nyingchi. The peach blossom festival every year, will let you get drunk here. Xizang summer, the sun hit you, for those who have not been to xizang, summer may be the best season for tourism. The climate is good, the temperature is good, the oxygen is good.

Xizang in summer, the sunshine is some blazing, but the temperature is extremely comfortable. The dazzling sunshine makes the girls narrow their eyes, and they will be a little shy, in the green mountains and green water, in the shuttle of cattle and sheep…

Autumn in Tibet is golden

Go to Tibet in late autumn, because the Tibet of autumn, it is the most charming appearance, cathartic soul place, hiding the most shocking color.

Xizang winter, is a snow-white, two days ago, the policy of winter tour xizang came out, a lot of small partners expressed doubt, the xizang in the end is not fun in winter? In fact, Tibet in winter is not so cold as imagined.

Perhaps, Tibet can also give you these surprises, this is a place that confuses heaven and earth, she confuses people in a million ways, here, this is Tibet, come on, walk in the holy city, enjoy the most beautiful sunshine kissed the forehead.

To jokhang temple, feeling light touches the heart of the faith, look at the starry sky, under the wood cuo, here, I would be willing to, the measures and pay mountain sacred lake, this life revolving around mountains water turns, come on, go to xigaze, the highest mountain in the past, a start is the height of the sky, highest temple flannelette temple hajj, the hand can pick the stars, see ZongShan castle, after the ancient to modern envoys.

Gallop on the qiangtang grassland, watch the plateau elves running in the sunshine, basongcuo, the sapphire left on the plateau, nanjiabawa on the road to the sky, the human penglai gathered by the gods, encounter ranwu lake, enjoy her quiet and charming, graceful appearance, sanye temple, the first temple of Tibet……