Meri Snow Mountain is one of the main natural landscapes of “three parallel rivers”, a world natural heritage site.

It is also known as the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism, namely, the kailang rinpoche in Tibet, the annemachin mountain in qinghai and the gaduo jue wo mountain in qinghai.

Meri Snow Mountain has gorgeous natural scenery, marvelous Snow mountains, magnificent modern maritime valley glaciers,

Grand and magnificent deep mountain fault zone, vast forest sea, four seasons undefeated alpine flowers, quiet and harmonious Tibetan villages, etc.

Deducing the beauty of heaven and earth together.

Due to climate, Meri Snow Mountain is shrouded in Snow and clouds all year round.

Rare “sunshine jinshan” landscape often occurs in the early morning on a clear day, when the sun’s rays jump over the obstacles and suddenly illuminate the snow-capped mountains,

Then gradually expand, forming a beautiful “golden sunshine” spectacle, lasting about 20 minutes, finally the whole snow mountain white, lose the golden impression.

It is said that people who can see Meri Snow Mountain are happy people,

And can see “sunshine gold hill” the person of strange scene is lucky very good person.

Every year in late autumn and early east, tibetans from Tibet, qinghai, gansu and other places come to Meri Snow Mountain to pay their respects.

Some devout people crawl all the way.

Tibetans worship different sacred mountains in different animal years, Meri Snow Mountain is a sheep,

So if every Tibetan calendar year of the sheep, the pilgrims are increased to 100 times, the scene is breathtaking.

Meri Snow Mountain’s main attractions


On the south side of Kawakarpo, there is a waterfall which falls down from a kilometer cliff. Every summer ice and snow melt, a stream of water along the cliff cliff, like thousands of white lian floating down, floating sisi, very spectacular. If every time the sun returns, clouds transpiration, there will be a rainbow, such as the beauty of heaven in wonderland.


Feilaishi along the ancient pine forest, mottled shadow, stream twists and turns, jumping pearls and splashing jade, cloth valley sound, light wind xu lai, song tao low sound. Shanmen couplets, “the ancient temple without lights on the moon, the mountain door is not locked to cloud seal,” people imagination.

Yubeng Village

A magical and beautiful place, walking in the meantime let a person have the feeling of a paradise. Located at the eastern foot of Meri Snow Mountain, Yubeng Village is surrounded by mountains. Due to its unique geographical environment, it is sparsely populated. There are only about 20 families in the Village. Yubeng Village is divided into upper and lower villages. The upper Village can lead to the sino-japan joint mountaineering base camp of climbing kawagbo, while the lower Village leads to the waterfall of rain collapse. Along the way, you can see the wonderful scenery of ancient seal script, five trees with the same root.

The best season to come to meilin snow mountain is from October to may