Daocheng is an extraordinary place. No matter the rolling mountains in the morning fog, or the autumn forests and blue sky dyed by frost, people’s mind can be cleansed.

In the morning of daocheng, the mountains rise and fall in the morning mist.

If it is autumn, the most pleasing to the eye, is the bank of the rows of poplars, they were the autumn wind dyed yellow leaves, in the sun will shine. From the county seat to sandui township, you can see the yaks eating grass, the smoke rising from the kitchen, the goshawks flying by the pure blue sky, the golden autumn poplars, the deep red marshes and the sparkling river, which form a colorful picture of the western sichuan plateau.

The ancient name of daocheng is daoba, which means “open valley mouth” in Tibetan. Here, mounds, glaciated basins and fault basins can be seen everywhere, the most famous of which is the remains of the ancient ice body, namely “daocheng ancient ice cap” on haizi mountain.

Haizi mountain grassland vast, standing on it looking down, you can see the forest of rocks or large or small, different shapes. The stones sparkled in the sun. And with strange stone set off interest, is dotted with the size of the sea.

Haizi mountain around the size of the sea there are 1,145, these sea, like god dropped the diamond. Amazing are the fishes that shuttle merrily among the sea, the birds that perch on the edge of the water, and the small grass and flowers that sway in the wind. It is a miracle of life that they can survive in such cold water, near the water’s edge. Facing them, what people can appreciate more is the power of life.

Haizi mountain, with an area of 3,287 square kilometers, is an ancient ice remnant left by the Himalayan orogeny. It is hard to believe that there is such a magnificent natural landscape in the world without coming here myself. In front of such a masterpiece of nature, people will feel the vastness of the prehistorical universe and the smallness of human beings…

Yading is located in daocheng county, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, adjacent to Tibet and yunnan. Although Aden has been asleep for too long in the long course of time, its beautiful snow mountains, meadows, haizi, frost leaves, pastures and fields will make you hold your breath when you see it.

Every autumn, the creator will pick up the brush again, with wonderland as a template, in Aden, thick ink painting. At this point, it was as if it had been cursed…

If you start from zhongdian and cross the small snow mountain, big snow mountain and gongga snow mountain, you can reach Aden after many bumps. Along the way, you can not only enjoy the long snow-covered mountains surrounded by clouds and fog, but also have a panoramic view of the forests under the blue sky and yellow by autumn sounds.

If you set out from the county seat, you can reach the early mountain of Russia — the shining mountain. Russia early mountain is located in yading scenic area north, its mountain shape is gentle, the hillside is full of spruce, redwood, mountain oak dominated by the vast forest. Every autumn, the hills, valleys and grasslands are covered with red, yellow and green leaves.

No matter which route you take to Aden, chonggu temple is a must-see. At 3880 meters above sea level, chonggu temple is located at the foot of xuefeng mountain in xiannai. If you stay here in the morning or afternoon, you will hear the chanting, high and low, near and far, which brings a holy and mysterious color to the silent chonggu temple.

The yading scenic area is composed of three sacred mountains, namely, the north peak xian nai ri (guanyin bodhisattva peak), the south peak Yang mai yong (manjusri bodhisattva peak), and the east peak xianodoji (vajra bodhisattva peak). Standing at a height overlooking, xian nairi as parallel and born of the mushroom, with a rounded body, very moving; Shanodoji as wearing white robes of fairy, and like the spread of wings, wings soaring kunpeng; Central maiyong handle sword, pointing to the sky, magnificent.