Makye ame, located in the southeast corner of Barkhor street, Lhasa, Tibet, is a restaurant with nepalese, Indian and Tibetan flavors. After improvement, it tends to be westernized. The restaurant has a strong Tibetan style.

Today, I will pass through the potala palace square, and then go to the yellow building makye ame in Barkhor street to sit and photograph the people passing through Barkhor street.

Barkhor street is the most popular transiting road in the early morning and dusk. Tibetans circle around it, also known as “transiting sutra”, to express their worship and reverence for sakyamuni.

I too turned and began to follow the crowd in the direction of makye ame.

Walking to a corner, I noticed a three-story building covered in yellow paint. The yellow building on Barkhor street, where Mr. Gyatso and makye ame meet, stands out because most of the buildings are white.

The name makye ame, from the sixth dalai lama loudspeaker cangyang gyatso love poem, according to legend is the name of cangyang gyatso lover, and cangyang gyatso and makye ame tryst place, is the yellow building where makye ame is located.

Every tourist who goes to Lhasa, Tibet, must go to makye ame on Barkhor street once in a while.

Today, makye ame is more than just a place to eat and take photos. All the tourists who take photos in Lhasa will never miss coming to makye ame, especially for the photo or wedding photography of a couple or couple. Tourists and pilgrims stop to look at a photo of a girl in front of makye ame.

This is like a web celebrity restaurant, which is very popular with tourists. No matter they go to have dinner or take pictures at the gate, they will go to makye ame to punch in. Almost everyone, men, women and children, is full of longing and curiosity about makye ame.

Restaurant has a strong Tibetan style, tea table has a lot of message book, write all over the world, the feelings of tourists, some tourists even after the message book used up, will write to the lover’s confession on the napkin in which, the restaurant also has a collection of messages published.

The legend between him and makye ame, and some poems written by cangyang gyatso, almost captivated countless literary youth. “Therefore, when many female tourists buy books in Lhasa bookstores, the most they can find are the books written by cangyang gyatso, which has brought a strong cultural atmosphere to Lhasa tourism.

It is hard to imagine, that touching legend, the author jia cuo and makye ame tryst between images, about one of a few hundred years ago under the stars, the pub to a mystery man, when a moon and pure young girl also enters the room, her beautiful face and loving deeply imprinted in the mystery man’s heart and dream.

From then on, he often patronized the tavern, looking forward to the reunion with the moon girl. Sadly, the moon maiden was never seen again.

Then came the love poem, “when the bright moon shines brightly on the top of the high mountain in the east, the charming smile of makye ame will gradually appear in my heart.” Of course, there are many love poems written for makye ame, but it is a legend whether the lover of cangyang gyatso exists or not, whether makye ame is his lover or not.

But the whole meaning of makye ame in Tibetan also has the meaning of holy mother, pure girl and so on, so the story of cangyang gyatso is not only studied by scholars, but also enjoyed by the world.

Up to the third floor, it’s not really a floor at all. It’s a gazebo of the whole building. People who are new to Lhasa do not know much about today’s makye ame restaurant without a deep understanding of the history and culture of Tibet.

But if mention cangyang jiatuo’s love poem, must know a lot of people. “From the top of the eastern mountain, rise the bright moon, the young girl’s face, gradually emerge heart… “People put his poems into songs, singing all over the snow plateau, the north and south of the river.

In makye ame, the ear collection of regional dialects, the air filled with strong taste of zanba, milk tea. Here is a popular place, most of the tourists are affected by the cangyang gyatso love poems, like a pilgrimage to the general.

The semicircular hall has many booths, rectangular tables and Tibetan carved wooden benches. Facing the street are bright glass Windows. Standing in front of the window, you can have a broad view of Barkhor street.

Sit quietly for an afternoon in makye ame with a pot of buttered tea (25 yuan). Buttered tea is the most representative characteristic tea of Tibetan people. It is a wonderful drink with “highland flavor” formed by fully mixing and blending buttered tea, brick tea and salt.

On the third floor, I sat down by the window, drank Tibetan butter tea, and looked at the bustling people in the street by the window.

Barkhor street is a famous turning road in Lhasa. People who travel to Lhasa will leave their footprints here, no matter for jokhang temple or to buy souvenirs. This pilgrimage road in the bustling business is not to be missed by anyone.

Therefore, it is in an excellent location. Sitting at the window facing the street on the second floor, you can have a panoramic view of the continuous flow of transitors and merchants on both sides of Barkhor street, which makes you relaxed and happy.

The terrace on the roof of makye ame is the perfect spot to overlook Barkhor street, with sweeping views of baekho east and baekho south streets.

Barkhor street is unique in its weight and is a sacred road in heaven. There are more devout pilgrims (mostly tibetans) than tourists here.

Every time I came to Lhasa, I would leave my footprints on Barkhor street to listen to the chanting of the crowd and the sound of the hand-rolling mani wheel turning in the wind.

With the passage of history, the yellow house in Barkhor street will continuously enrich beautiful, romantic and moving stories, and leave beautiful longing and dreams in the minds of more and more people.

Makye ame is a “fengshui treasure land” where people’s hearts and emotions are bound together in the world. As a restaurant, makye ame is just a name, but its brand effect is well-known at home and abroad.