Quiet lugu lake, like inlaid in the mountains of a magic mirror.

The mosuo people at the foot of gome live a simple life,

The day is fishing in the lake, or sitting around the fire;

Chatting with the barley, a few cups of wine;

They spend every night like a holiday.

A beautiful song

We came here at the beginning of the summer vacation,

Scattered villages by the lake, a few islands in the lake,

There are a few pages of boat, blue sky and white clouds, gurgling water;

The clear blue lugu lake is in a perfect state of beauty,

In fact, no matter how many times to come, always want to come again!

Mosuo, naxi, bai, Tibetan, han…

Multi-ethnic cultures compete here, interweave and coexist

Poetry and distance are everywhere.

We split the trip into four days.

Make sure you have a good rest and spend more time at lugu lake.

Live up to the beauty of the human soul.

In addition to a comfortable sleep, all kinds of food along the way did not miss

Jiuxiang yellow beef, xichang fire pot barbecue, lugu lake good people snack

We ate all the way, living up to the beauty and the food

Is actually a few senior foodies!!!

Our trip started in chengdu, via the yaxi expressway,

Lunch specially arranged for everyone to experience the unique yellow beef

At night, you can enjoy a authentic barbecue in qionghai lake in xichang.

Like the opening line of music,

“As the vehicle turns the last corner,

I see a picture of spring.”

Lugu lake is noisy, you can party all night,

Lugu lake is quiet, you can sit in the sunny courtyard in a daze for a long time.

Favorite, or lugu lake at dusk.

The setting sun turns the lake, which was so clear and blue, golden.

Standing at the edge of lugu lake, watching fishermen and pig trough boats silhouetted in the sunset.

At that moment, there was a breeze blowing across my face.

Come to lugu lake, appreciate lake is indispensable.

It doesn’t matter if you go left or right.

Walk along the lake and stroll, very beautiful.

It is also worth mentioning that the water-borne poplar flowers bloom at this time,

Now, when we talk about levity, we don’t mean levity, we don’t mean love,

It is a kind of small white flower growing in lugu lake, known as “cape” by mosuo.

The water was dotted with flowers that rippled on the surface,

Accompanied by the lake quietly pig trough boat, such a scene, is the unique scenery of lugu lake.

Besides the view around the lake, you can also take a pig trough boat.

It’s fun to visit the island in the middle of the lake.