Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles

Some people say they travel to escape, some people, some things, some things

Some people say that travel in order to say goodbye to the past, adjust the mood, start afresh

And I think travel is to go out more, see the outside world, find the real yourself, live out what you want.

People who travel to Tibet are very persevering

DaoChengYa dean was known as the “blue planet the last piece of static water soil”, “eyes in heaven, and the body in hell,” top scenic spot can indeed bring visual enjoyment, but an average elevation of 4000 meters, plus bumpy road, even the grandmaster tourism talent. Li bai lamented: “it devilishly hard to difficult, on the” very test a person’s physical fitness and stamina. Moreover, there is no ropeway in the scenic area. Even if you choose to take a sightseeing bus or ride a horse, there is still a long distance to walk, which is exactly the most difficult mountain road!

People who travel to Tibet are very good at taking pictures

All said that the most beautiful scenery on the road, to Tibet all the way there are too many beautiful scenery, see their favorite scenery that will certainly take photos, they will POES out of the most beautiful themselves.

People who travel to Tibet are curious

All the way west, there are too many magnificent landscape, there are too many lovely animals, always keep people curious and good at discovering the heart.

People who travel to Tibet are very good at playing

On the west road, there is no place of high opposition, sometimes singing, sometimes dancing, even if there is high opposition, also can not stop the scenery excited people, all the way singing and laughing.