For many people, Tibet

The position in my heart is extremely important

This is a situation that no one else can understand.

Snowy purity and romance

Representing the most sincere desire


Always want to come once

Travel on the go

Always eager

I can go to Tibet once in my life.

But a person’s travel

After all, in the end, there is only a lonely back.

No matter how embarrassing and lively it used to be

Sudden encounter

Let me meet you

Accompany each other to the white hair

We always guard each other

Even if it is not beautiful, I just want to be with you.

In this world, in the most beautiful place

Walk side by side, hand in hand and walk again

Choose a city to be old and meet one person.

Pulling a curtain to dream, Xu Yishi

I don’t need a vain paradise

As long as a place that is always pure

I don’t want to be awkward and lively.

I just want to sit with you at the foot of the Buddha.

Feel the wait of a soul together

Or can accompany me

Standing on the top of the snowy

The highest place under the blue sky

Take a look at the bustling world

Choose someone to love, wait for one person to be old

I am in love with one person, leaving a bustling life

I can still hold my arm in my hand.

Take me to see the millennial weather in Tanggula

Touching the vicissitudes of the ancient walls of the Potala Palace

If there is still a chance, I would rather

In this place called Shambhala

Feel your kisses and hugs again

Let this wide meadow and turquoise lake

As our new house

I thought the most romantic thing

There is a person with me.

In a city full of mountain flowers

We look at each other’s eyes

Gradually climb the wrinkles

The road to home is covered with flowers

We go out with flowers every day.

Returning along the path of the setting sun

Just so slowly, this is a quiet day.

Looking for a sunny weather

Holding oil paint together

Draw a flower sea on the wall

Leave the breath of spring at home

I also want to have a puppy.

Let it stretch in the sun

No noise, no dust

I like this every day.

Smell the flowers and drink tea

Talking about the years, making the future

From walking to faltering

From the Qing dynasty to the white hair

What are you asking me about happiness?

I said, this is how happy I look.

Regardless of the change of years

Regardless of the change of time

Have you here, have me

And the way we love each other

a city, spend a ride

Two people, after a lifetime

Instead, say this life

Tibet, not to go

It’s better to say that I prefer

Hand in hand with you, walk the world together