Jinchuan is also known as big jinchuan. Jinchuan is most famous for the world’s largest original ecological and high-altitude snow pear planting area.

Since the late Ming and early qing dynasties, jiarong Tibetan people began to widely plant sorrel with high cold resistance and medicinal functions here.

After hundreds of years of continuous growth and cultivation, the snow pear planting area in jinchuan stretches for more than 100 li along the dadu river.

The number reaches more than ten thousand, the scale is very big, in the valley mountain stream, presents the gradient arrangement, according to the elevation different and the sunlight irradiation Angle is different, competes to open, the duration is longer, is magnificent.

In march every year, 10,000 mu of pear flowers are in full bloom. Along the dadu river, stretching for hundreds of kilometers along the Banks of the dajinchuan river valley, the pear flowers and the blue sky, wheat fields, rivers, folk houses and diaolou paint a picture of the “pear source outside the world”.

Jinchuan county, known as the “little south of aba prefecture”, is 90 kilometers away from malkang, which is 39 kilometers to baiwan disposition road along national highway 317 toward luhuo (seda direction).

The pear flower distribution area in jinchuan is all along the way from baiwan to jinchuan county, danba, jiaju Tibetan village and zhonglu Tibetan village.

Spring to see pear, tour the most beautiful village jia ju Tibetan village; Taste the original snow pear in summer and enjoy the red leaves in autumn. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in sichuan and Tibet.

The pear flowers in jinchuan are really beautiful! Beauty in the atmosphere!

Also pear, pear here is different from elsewhere, mainly reflected in 4 points.

Snow plateau is still in the arms of the winter sleep, jinchuan pear township land million acres of pear has been competing at the same time, the size of its large, wide area, extending hundreds of kilometers, the momentum is extremely magnificent.

The snow on the mountain top in the distance and the pear blossom in the river valley are in full bloom. The world of snow is on the top of the mountain.

Jinchuan pear tree age high, tall trees, long time, the atmosphere, sunshine, vigorous and strong, full of years of texture. The biggest characteristic here is that there are a lot of old trees. The big pear trees in the last 200 years are very common.

There are many ancient Tibetan villages near shenxianbao. The villages are built along the mountains.

When the pear blossoms are in full bloom, they fall on villages, valleys, hillsides and sides of the stockade roads. The blooming pear blossoms naturally form a natural barrier, covering pedestrians and passing vehicles in the world’s pear garden, which is covered with the wonderful scenery of the pear blossoms. Breeze blowing, pear flying, snow plateau magnificence and beauty suddenly be rendered incisively and vividly.