When you come to Tibet, the potala palace, the landmark of Lhasa, is quite famous. In fact, in Tibetan areas, there are many “little potala palace” in the shape of potala palace.

The Zandan temple in nqu suo county is the earliest huangjiao temple in northern Tibet. It was built in 1668 when the fifth dalai lama was in Lhasa, and it belonged to the drepung temple in Lhasa.

The whole Zandan temple is built according to the mountain, with magnificent momentum and two buildings, which look like potala palace from a distance.

Zandan temple, whose full name is “suo xiu gandan pei jin Lin”, is located in suo county, about 220 kilometers away from the town of nago. It is said that this is the birthplace of sen jiang zhumu, princess of king gesar in the epic biography of king gesar. The whole Zandan temple is built according to the mountain. It is magnificent and magnificent, with two buildings in white. From a distance, it looks like potala palace.

According to historical records, the temple was first built in the 0-period of the 5th emperor, when the 5th emperor, with the assistance of the troops of the Mongolian gu shi khan, first implemented the Puritan policy in the eastern region of Tibet, destroyed many monasteries dominated by the bon religion by force, and forced many monasteries of other sects to be converted into huangjiao monasteries.

According to the temple records of Zandan temple, it was built on the confiscation of the property of seven other non-yellow temples, and there are said to be a large number of bon sites in the temple. After the completion of Zandan temple, it is known as the first temple directly administered by the local government, the garshas, after the longjie zanchang of potala palace.

Zandan temple can be seen 1km in the direction of ba-ching, national highway 317 in ousuo county. Zandan temple is located in 4 village, yala town, soo county. It belongs to gelugpa temple, one of the four temples in soo county. It was built by awang lausanne gacuo. The temple is divided into two parts, the White House and the red palace. In the middle is the red palace, which is mainly used to worship Buddha gods and religious affairs. On both sides and behind is the White House, where the main living place of monks is located. The temple collects a large number of Buddha statues, murals, sutra printing volumes and so on, which have high cultural and artistic value.

Address: naqu suo county ala town