Nyingchi in autumn is the most colorful season, colorful woods, green valleys, everywhere glaciers and snow mountains, dotted with a fantasy fairy tale world, like a woman wa patching the sky when the colored stone fell in the earth.

Nyingchi, which means “throne of the sun” in Tibetan, refers to the place where the sun rises. Some people call it the Switzerland of Tibet, while others call it the jiangnan of Tibet. What do you think?

There is the yarlung zangbo river grand canyon, which was voted the top of China’s ten most beautiful grand canyons by China national geographic.

The ravines are deep, the rapids roaring, and steep.

It is home to many biological resources and is the best natural museum.

Namjarbawa peak is the most beautiful peak in China and a paradise for plants and animals. In Tibet, it is a favorite place for nature lovers.

Located on the sichuan-tibet highway about 80km east of bayi town, nyingchi prefecture, with an altitude of 3700m, lulang linhai is a typical highland mountain meadow strip.

Clouds and clouds gather and disperse in the mountains here. The snowy mountains, forests and countryside depict a tranquil and beautiful “mountain residence”.

Niyang river is a very beautiful river in nyingchi, the first sight of her, it is melting in her gentle flow.

Someone said: “nyingchi is the place to look carefully, the scenery is always in the flow of not rest, humanistic connotation needs to take years as a unit of time, to be able to understand… ”

And niyang river, is the most can reflect the nyingchi landscape flowing characteristics of the place.

The water dashed against the boulder, splashing in a sea of spray, and rushing away.

Niyang river is rich in water and grass, the river is curved, the animals are playing here, it is really a beautiful scene of xanadu.

Nanyi valley, with the name of “Tibetan medicine king valley”, is rich in animal and plant resources, known as “the highest green secret on the earth”.

Nanyigou is the largest settlement of the lhoba ethnic group, the lopa ethnic group with the smallest population in China.

The terminus of the midui glacier is only 2,900 meters above sea level, making it the lowest glacier in the world.

Walking near the glacier, the broken tongue of ice at the top of the glacial lake emits a faint blue light, and the ice waterfall from the sky shines silver in the sunlight, which is spectacular.

Overlooking bomi, glaciers bristly, countless silver light twinkling under the blue sky, in the surrounding mountains set off, more clever.

White holy eyes, red gorgeous bright, green green coagulation bi, blue refreshing… What a magnificent highland painting.

This is nyingchi, gently waiting for the years of the place.