Unlike other parts of Tibet, Linzhi sees the natural scenery, and the season has a great influence on the scenery.

From late March to early April

Generally, in late March, the Peach Blossom Festival will be held in Nyingla Taohua Village, Nyingchi County, 17 km away from Bayi Town. Step into the Peach Blossom Village and follow the steps of the first step of the dry terraces. The ground is green and green. The peach trees and the willow trees correspond to the ancient poems: it is really “grass green and green willow yellow, peach blossoms and chaotic Li Huaxiang”. In the mountains at the distance, there are still white snow that has not been exhausted. The feeling of wonderland.

From the end of May to the beginning of June

This time is the season when the Linzhi rape blossoms bloom, and the rapeseed field on the mountainside of the mountain where the Lamaling Temple is located is also quite broad. The azaleas of Sejila Mountain also entered the flowering period in June. The wild yellow peony festival in Nanyugou is also in early June.

July to August

This time is the most lush season of Linzhi, and all the sights in the eyes are full of greenery. This season is also the peak season for Nyingchi tourism. Except for too much water vapor, you can’t see Nanga Bawa Peak. Because the water is too large, the Niyang River becomes so turbid and turbid, and the scenery of the Niyang River is greatly reduced. Other attractions All are suitable. Especially Lulang Ranch, Nanyigou and Lama Ling Temple.

September to October

This season, the rain began to decrease, the greenery was less, but more layers of forests were dyed, and this season is also a time to see the true face of Nanga Bawa. Sejila Mountain Pass and the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon are good sights.

November to February of the following year

This time is the off-season of Nyingchi’s tourism. The Niyang River is very clear, and the Jiyila Mountain and the Mila Mountain are covered with thick white snow.

How does Linzhi go?

1. Linzhi has Milin Airport, which is in the territory of Milin County, but there are fewer flights.

2, Linzhi on the 318 National Road, from Sichuan, Tibet, Tibet, Czongchao three counties to Lhasa, will pass through Linzhi.

3. Take a train or plane to Lhasa, then take a bus from Lhasa to Linzhi.

4. From Qingzang and Xinzang, enter Tibet by car. After arriving in Lhasa, go east along National Highway 318 and you will arrive at Linzhi.