Have you ever been in that state?

Fingers kept beating the keyboard, eyes seem to focus on the computer, but the brain has been free. A little thing in life, in a word, can easily irritate you. All kinds of grievances, all kinds of irritability, feeling life is out of control…

The body is like a gear to rotate rapidly, but the soul does not know from when to stagnate…

When life is filled with trifles and the mood is always gloomy, give yourself a holiday. Go to a place without the noise of the city, without the shackles of steel and forest, let your mind and body empty, and fall in love with your soul in the journey.

“The deep blue water was crystal clear and the island was floating like a boat on a calm sea. Even Joseph Locke couldn’t resist describing lugu lake as such.

Lugu lake is located in the junction of the jurisdiction of sichuan and yunnan, because the road here is far away, the traffic is inconvenient, so relatively few people go, but because of this, lugu lake more a quiet, less a noisy.

Caohai Lake

The Lake is shallow, so it has silted up for years. The dense reeds grow freely and crazily in the area of 15,000 mu, hence the name “Caohai Lake”.

The reeds are like the wall, the waterway is complicated, the beautiful mosuo girl wearing red and white dress, singing folk songs ripple on the wooden boat, chasing and playing with colorful clouds and seagulls, making people have an impulse to stay forever.

Caohai Lake has two colors, green and golden. Spring and summer are boundless grasslands, while autumn and winter are coir raincoats of jade Lake. Time will slow down when sunlight spreads on the whole Lake.

Marriage Bridge

A 300-meter-long wooden bridge stretches from the grass and reeds to the villages on both sides. He is called zouhun bridge, is the two sides of the villagers “zouhun” “a xia” between the love channel.

Some of the wood on the nearly century-old bridge has rotted or been destroyed, scattering in the grass. The new bridge adjoins the old one. Take advantage of the afternoon sun, slowly walk from one end to the other. Look at the breeze blowing, raising the flying tidbits, like a fairy under the white petals.

Lover ‘s beach

Ten miles of beach, the long wind dance, when the spring warm wind woke up the grass color, the surging waves, as if hidden countless tenderness. In the morning, in the evening, in the sunshine, to walk here with the people you love, even if you don’t talk, it is very beautiful.

The Mountain of the goddess

Because the outline is like the body of a woman lying flat, it is considered to be the embodiment of the goddess of Mosuo minority and the sacred Mountain of Mosuo minority. For thousands of years, the goddess mountain of mosuo people, like a goddess lying in the lake, is graceful and graceful, quietly guarding generations of mosuo people dominated by matriarchal clans.

The 3,770-meter-high mountain is the highest peak around lugu lake. It is a good place to overlook the panorama of lugu lake. Mount goddess mountain, overlooking the whole lugu lake, the green lake, castle peak, layer upon layer of clouds around, a curtain of miss song.

The goddess of The bay

Opposite the Mountain of the goddess is a quiet bay, so named the goddess of bay because it is opposite the goddess Mountain, also known as zhao jiawan because of the numerous han people surnamed zhao who live here. Blue lakes, quiet jungles, and jagged rocks make up the unique scenery here, such as “water poplar flowers”.

In The goddess of bay is particularly suitable for watching The sunset, with The back of goddess mountain and The front facing half of lugu lake, you can enjoy The great beauty of The real “sunset of mountains and rivers”.

Lige Island

Beside the Mountain of the goddess, is a peninsula in the bay of lugu lake, an island surrounded by water on three sides, around the castle peak. The lake water is the goddess’s tears, so the scenery changes, the mystery is endless. Rigo island has beautiful scenery and fresh air. The mosuo girls who live here are not only smart but also capable of singing and dancing. They are kind and beautiful.

The landscape is green, the sun is just right, the beautiful scenery, the mosuo girl who can sing and dance, and the changing lake water, here, the kind of comfort can not help but people into this beautiful picture.

Nissai Village

Nissai Village is a Mosuo minority natural Village by lugu lake. The Village is small, with only a dozen families, but it is quiet and very beautiful. In the early morning, the morning sun rises from the opposite side of the lake and gradually illuminates the world, intoxicating people in the beauty.

Pig trough boat

To get close to the azure water of lugu lake, which is surrounded by mountains, take a local pig trough boat. Mosuo’s ago-a-mei paddles you to the center of the water. See the lake in the sunshine under the blue intoxication, see the lake clear can look at the water long water yanghua, see bishan around, see the clouds ethereal.

At present is a curtain of dreams, half a volume of leisure. The wind blows over the lake, making the ethereal sound. Fallen flowers, leaves, are hanging that once high head.

From the hustle and bustle in the heart, in the mountains and rivers heart. Between reeds and islands, take a boat to paddle slowly in the lake, or choose a delicate inn to live down, pack up the impetuous heart in the city, experience a long dream of slow life between mountains and rivers.

Life is not always the best of both worlds, accompanied by down-and-out, there are many fine subtle. If one day you are tired, come here and paint a picture. Here, time is slow, one moment is beautiful, but you still have expectations, the next moment will be more beautiful.

Life is just a practice. The slow life practice in lugu lake has been waiting for you.