What is your impression of Lhasa? Have you been to the snowy plateau city?

Winter chill

All the time

Sunny blue sky is a luxury

It’s this way that I miss Lhasa’s blue sky more.

Tibet in winter

Shenshan is full of affectionate white snow

Tibet in winter is a paradise in the snowy

Blue sky on the streets of Lhasa

The shiny golden dome of the Jokhang Temple

Belief on the Barkhor Street

I read the six-word mantra biting the prayer wheel

This is a city of faith

Bright blue sky in Tibet

It seems to be clear forever, without a hint of haze

Taste the pure yak yogurt

Take one photo after another

Potala Palace between heaven and earth

Is the tallest building in Lhasa

It is also the highest palace in the world.

Leave a commemorative photo in front of the Potala Palace Square

Many times we will travel

Become a tour here

Holy City of Lhasa Snowy Plateau

You have to slowly experience the faith

Slowly looking for the true meaning of life

Unforgettable except the blue sky

And the night sky

Sitting by the window watching the stars

Maybe you have never seen such a starry sky

Tibet abused me thousands of times

I am waiting for Tibet as a first love

Obsessed with pure blue sky

Waiting for me to embark on the journey again