“Live in potala palace, I am the biggest king of snow. Wandering in the streets of Lhasa, I am the most beautiful lover in the world.” Every time I hear this poem written by the sixth dalai lama cangyang gyatso, I would like to hold my lover’s hand and sing: “walk with me in the streets of Lhasa, oh ~~~”

Yes, in addition to the potala palace, there are many magical places in Lhasa, some of which can shock you with the power of faith, some of which can make you just want to sit down and waste time, some of which are especially suitable for photographing portraits… If you are planning a one-day tour in downtown Lhasa, I would recommend these 4 places.

Jokhang Temple

People often say, “there was Jokhang Temple before Lhasa.” I still remember meeting some Tibetan young men in xigaze and talking about the places we had visited in Lhasa, they said, “Jokhang Temple is a must!” It can be seen that Jokhang Temple’s status in Tibet.

Jokhang Temple is the terminus of Tibetan Buddhism pilgrimage, where worshippers gather to bow their heads. In front of the Temple is always a sea of worship, which is extremely shocking. The sun shone on the Jokhang Temple, and with piety and joy written on his face, he joined his hands and prayed for the fulfillment of his wishes.

Lhasa is known as the city of sunlight, even in winter, the sun is very warm, wearing sunglasses are often hard to open your eyes. Many people in the square sit on the ground to rest, sit down to bask in the sun in a daze, would not like to stand up again. Right now, I just want to waste my time here.

Barkhor Street

After visiting the Jokhang Temple, you can stroll around Barkhor Street. Barkhor Street was once Lhasa’s most famous commercial Street, and crowds jostled each other on the eve of the Spring Festival. The shop that faces a street is selling a variety of handicraft article such as classics tube, while touring, can buy incidentally companion hand gift.

Or find a tea house and sit down to a bowl of sweet tea. Also on Barkhor Street is maggie amie, a web celebrity restaurant where cang Yang gyatso meets his lover. Unfortunately during the Spring Festival did not open the door, many people in front of the photo to commemorate.

Sera derived

Sera, the Tibetan word for wild rose. It is said that when it was built, it was full of roses, so it was named after it. Buddha and flowers are always connected.

Sera Monastery is suitable for the afternoon, for the Monastery holds the most famous buddhist debate ceremony in Tibetan areas. It is said that monks will be in groups of two or three, dancing and debating with each other to promote the study of Buddhism. Unfortunately, we did not see it in the past. Maybe you have to leave some regrets to travel.


Known as the Summer Palace in Lhasa, norbulingka is the most famous imperial garden in Tibet, where the dalai lama used to live and work in the past summer.

Compared with the grand potala palace, here is the exquisite small garden. Red and yellow walls of Tibetan architecture, with all kinds of flowers and trees, plus fewer tourists here, and then suitable for photography.