Graduation. Where do you want to go?

After graduation, go to Tibet with them.

June in bloom,

Destined to be a graduation trip without regret,

Tibet. Not everyone comes here.

But those who have come will go again,

Once, twice, three times

Where the mountains, where the water, where the people

There are always places in Tibet,

Let you linger and linger

If going to Tibet is a brave dream

Then please take advantage of the most beautiful years, dream road

“This is Lhasa, the holy land of faith

Some people say that going to Lhasa is a kind of faith

Here give countless people too many amazing

This is a magnificent 1,300-year-old building

Witness the splendid Tibetan culture

As time goes by

The potala palace still stands on the plateau

In front of jokhang temple, under the golden dharma wheel

Countless devout believers, worship

From morning till evening, without end

Who would have thought these little bodies

This is a huge amount of energy

The busy barkhor street is bustling with pedestrians

This is the famous turnpike and shopping street

Locals and outsiders gather here

Cultures from all over the world blend and develop here

Maggie amie is in the distant golden house

Drink sweet tea and enjoy Tibetan desserts here

Enjoying the lazy sunshine in Lhasa with friends

Sitting in the debate field of sera temple

Watch the monks in silence

A attack on the posture of a guard, a relaxed look

All are the cognition and perception of Buddhism

Make a mistake here and then “fix it”

The beauty of the lake is beyond description

The quiet blue lake meets the cloudless sky

Sheep lake seems like a fairy

Overlooking the sheep lake, lake calm, a bright blue

As if the south mountain plateau sapphire

The beauty of namtso wherever and whenever

All make people yearning, all beautiful to suffocate people

Even on a cloudy day, the lake is so blue

The waters of the lake of malsamon come directly from the melting snow of the sacred mountain

This is colorless lake water

Thousands of light and shadow, like a hundred mirror image

This place is called the eternal center of the world

Close to heaven, it is the heart of the universe

Basong cuo, located in nyingchi, is surrounded by mountains

Like a jasper embedded in a mountain canyon

From the air overlooking like a curved moon embedded in the deep valley of the high gorge

The surface level ice – like jade rice mound glacier

White clouds on the summit, snow shining,

The icefall connects with the glacial lake,

On the left and right sides, the mountains are dotted with thick vegetation

The outline of a charming painting

Nyenching tanggula, the main god on the grassland of northern Tibet

When you look up to nyenching tangula

There is simply a reverence for nature

Sigh human beings in the world is so small

In hoh xil nature reserve

“The last pure land of mankind”

Look out the window

The horizon was an endless plateau

A qinghai-tibet highway cuts straight into the sky

On the way, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan antelope and Tibetan wild donkey can be seen everywhere

In ali, the center of the world

Kailash stood in the air

The crowd at the foot of the mountain turns and walks

Use life to feel the beauty of reincarnation in the world

Sarp, hidden in the secret world of her boudoir

The famous little web celebrity in recent years

Glacier beauty known for its high level of appearance

But how many of the sapps’ relatives do you know?

Standing at the base camp at the foot of mount Everest

Overlook the world’s highest peak – mount Everest

Feeling from the 8,848 meters stand proudly

Listen to the cry from the roof of the world

Tibet is such a place

Keep away from the hustle and bustle of the world

Visit all things, listening to the sound of Buddha around

Tibet, that’s it

If you haven’t been there, you will

People who pass by, will go again

Have you ever thought of going there after graduation

Get ready to go

You are welcome to Tibet anytime