Siguniang Mountain will be attracted to this moving name as soon as it is heard. How does the tall and cold snow mountain relate to the gentle and affectionate girl? In addition to the proud beauty, does she still have a moving story?

According to legend, four beautiful and kind girls, in order to protect their beloved giant pandas, fought fiercely with fierce demons, and finally became four tall and beautiful mountains standing upright, revered by the local Tibetans as Shenshan, and there was ” After the Lushan Mountain, the reputation.

Four girls mountain that does not reject people

Although it is a snow mountain, Siguniang Mountain does not refuse to be a thousand miles. Siguniang Mountain is only 150 kilometers away from Chengdu, and its relative elevation difference is more than 5,700 meters. It is the nearest snow mountain in China. It takes 4 hours by car from Chengdu to reach her feet.

“liao” looks at the customs, what are the characteristics of Siguniang Mountain?

The appearance of a girl decides whether she is interested in understanding her inner being. Siguniang Mountain has a lot of white snow, green grass, meandering water, and countless cattle and sheep here. Friends who like outdoor sports and photography are always lingering.

The highest sister peak of Siguniang Mountain


Sister Feng (sister, meaning “the youngest sister” in Sichuan dialect) is a beautiful woman.

The 6250-meter-high sister peak is a steep, cusp-shaped ice-rock mixed mountain. In the past few decades, the climb to the top of the sister peak has not exceeded 10 times, totaling about 26 people.

Go ahead and learn more about the girl. There are 3 very special body parts in Siguniang Mountain, three ditch (not what you think)


Changpinggou is the most beautiful one in Sanzhigou in Siguniang Mountain.

Changping Village is located at the mouth of Changping, 7 kilometers walk, is the site of the Lama Temple. After passing through the Lama Temple, you will enter the real Changpinggou scenic spot. The scenic spot is famous for snow mountains, pastures, meadows and virgin forests. Siguniang Mountain is 16 kilometers from Changpinggou.


Tour time: The journey takes about 6-7 hours (exploration of Changpinggou generally takes all day)

Tickets: 70 yuan / person in the peak season, 50 yuan / person in the off-season, 20 yuan / person (must) sightseeing car, riding to the wooden raft 170 yuan / person one way

Transportation: Walk from Rilong Town, about 10 minutes to the entrance of the scenic spot, transfer to the scenic sightseeing car to the Lama Temple for a walk or horseback riding


It is about seven kilometers away from Rilong Town and has a total length of 34.8 kilometers. The main scenery in Shuangqiaogou is mainly pastures, small rivers, plank roads and woods. The most distinctive feature is the squid dam plank road. From Shuangqiaogou, you can also see more than a dozen snow-capped mountains with an altitude of over 4,000 meters.

From Shuangqiaogou, you can also see more than a dozen snow-capped mountains with an altitude of over 4,000 meters. Shuangqiaogou is the most perfect ditch for tourism development in Sanzhigou, and the only ditch with sightseeing cars. It takes only half a day to take a sightseeing bus tour.


[Tour time]: The journey time by car is about 3 hours (it takes half a day to visit Shuangqiaogou)

[Tickets]: 80 yuan / person in the peak season, 50 yuan / person in the off-season

[Transportation]: You can walk from Rilong Town and arrive at the entrance of the scenic spot in about 15-20 minutes.


It is 19.2 kilometers in length and is named after more than a dozen Haizi stars. The scenery of Haizigou is completely different from that of Shuangqiaogou and Changpinggou. It is dominated by alpine meadows and is a good place to enjoy Siguniang Mountain.

Riding along the ridge to Haizigou


[Tour time]: Walk to the sea for about 4 hours, walk to Huahaizi for about 5 hours, Huahaizi and Haizi can camp, you need to buy outdoor tickets (Generally, it takes 1-2 days to visit Haizigou)

[Tickets]: 60 yuan / person in the peak season, 40 yuan / person in the off-season, 150 yuan / person for outdoor tickets, 200 yuan / person riding to the sea, riding to Huahaizi 200 yuan / person

[Traffic]: Walk from Rilong Town, about 15-20 minutes to the entrance of the scenic spot, then start hiking or horseback riding.