Jiuzhaigou scenic spot reopened on September 27, and after two years of reconstruction, it is still beautiful. The water color here is still the first class in China, the scenery is also unique, especially in autumn is the most beautiful. However, 80% of the scenic spots have been opened, which is limited to 5,000 people due to its trial operation.

For bus stops, as long as with a car, you don’t have to go uphill, the scenic area is too big, need a long time, the most surprising, in long beach, is a word the United States, and meet the sun, the multi-colored pools is small but it is pretty enough, another ditch from five flowers start walking pearl beach road, is a beauty, it’s a pity that there are earthquake damaged spots didn’t open. Other scenic spots include arrow bamboo sea waterfall, panda sea, five flower sea and pearl beach waterfall.

Jianzhu sea waterfall is a small waterfall between jianzhu sea and panda sea, so it is best not to take a bus to panda sea, walk to see. Panda sea is jiuzhaigou haizi in the water level changes the most, coincides with the amount of water is not too much, exposed a circle of shore, it seems to give haizi a ring of gilt, very characteristic.

Wuhua sea is located in rize valley, one of the three gullies in jiuzhaigou. It is 2472 meters above sea level and 5 meters deep. Wuhua sea has the reputation of “jiuzhaigou unique” and “jiuzhaigou essence”, because in the same water area, but presents a yellow, deep blue, navy, dark green and other colors, mottled and blurred, colorful, strong and full of change. Jiuzhai people said: the sea of five flowers is a sacred pool, its water to where, where the flowers are luxuriant, beautiful took…

Pearl beach waterfall is the largest drop in the scenic area, is one of the scenic spots in the west. It is hard to imagine that the relatively calm pearl beach under the formation of such a spectacular waterfall scene, experience the surprise.

The whole tour down, I think the sea of five flowers is the most beautiful, absolutely can’t miss, the shock of the United States, the biggest regret of the five color pool is less water in autumn, maybe summer water will be more. Nogoran falls is fine, but unfortunately a lot of the landscape was affected by the earthquake. Jiuzhaigou is pure to see the water, the night there is jiuzhaigou ancient feelings of the performance, I heard it is very good.