At noon a beautiful eagle was soaring in the blue sky. At that moment, we were overlooking the panorama of Labrang Lamasery from the altar of Buddha. There are no magical lights, but the scale of the temple is clear.

Three hours ago, our tour bus set off from tongren, qinghai province and arrived at xiahe county, gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture. Since the temple is closed to tourists at noon, we arrived here after lunch in xiahe county.

Labrang Lamasery is the jokhang temple in the heart of Tibetan people in gannan, reputed as the “world Tibetan academic institution”. After the 2004 release of feng xiaogang’s a world without thieves, Labrang Lamasery quickly became a popular destination for travelers.

We did not have this stop in the original journey, but after we visited the kumir temple and longwu temple, we felt that we were still not satisfied. On the way to lanzhou, we specially added this stop. I hope to find the white pagoda where liu ruoying worshipped in the film.

The whole temple is majestic, resplendent and magnificent with a unique Tibetan style.

The architecture of Labrang Lamasery is scattered, grand and cryptic. Because of time, we only walked a small part.

The Tibetan girl who came across in the temple selling commemorative ornaments aroused the strong interest of the beautiful girls and sisters. She asked about this and that, and bought many beautiful ornaments in her hand enthusiastically.

In just over two hours, Tibetan people can be seen in the monastery at any time, which is like a daily homework for them.

Outside of us have become blind to them, every day come and go a lot of tourists, as in the heart of a Buddha.

Labrang Lamasery has more than 1,700 rotating wheels around the world’s largest turntable. The trail is three kilometers long and takes forty to fifty minutes to walk around. Tibetans usually turn from the most eastern end of the bridge to the temple, clockwise.

To walk through the long corridor of sutra, buddhists, as is their custom, circle clockwise to the right and stroke one after another. Turning the tube is turning life.

Walking through the red wall and white wall of Labrang Lamasery, I couldn’t help but marvel at the strength of faith. The low brown and red wall was so solemnly located under the blue sky, and suddenly the whole person had spirit…