China is vast in size and abundant in resources, and there are many beautiful scenery in the world. However, this place is the only city in China famous for fruits, which not only has beautiful scenery, delicious food, but also contains the last steam memory! This place is Kumul in xinjiang, a city whose name is very sweet. Located in the east of xinjiang, Kumul is the key road from xinjiang to China’s inland. Since ancient times, it has been the throat of the silk road, known as “the throat of the western region, the arch of China” and “the gateway of xinjiang”.

Kumul’s scenery, both vast and vast, and nostalgic elegance, whether fresh or mysterious, it is like a ever-changing butterfly, blooming charming beauty, and here is also a paradise of foodie, whether sweet and delicious fruit, or the characteristics of the flavor of food, will make you miss.

Not to be missed scenery

Ghost City

There are castles, halls, pagodas, steles, figures, beasts of various forms of landscape, dazzling precipices, and mixed rocks and gravel in the colorful agate, everywhere can be seen in silicon wood, fresh leaves and branches of the plant fossils, let people feel unclearly, marvel at the supernatural work of nature. If the wind, Ghost City really become a chilling place, when the wind through the mountains and rocks through, it will give out a variety of shrill sound, or like a man roar, or like a woman screaming, or like a baby crying, people feel inexplicable cold. Here is the movie “no man’s land” of the main shooting place, when the sunset, with a red, lining the beautiful and desolate scenery, it is absolutely the most beautiful scenery, is every never seen such a scenery in the heart of the most yearning for the good.

Kumul museum

It is the best place for you to know the history and culture of Kumul area. The museum has an exhibition area of more than 800 square meters. It collects precious cultural relics unearthed in various historical periods.

Populus euphratica forest

The world populus euphratica mainly grows in China, and the Chinese populus euphratica mainly grows in xinjiang.

Here are thousands of years of growth of the original poplar, its graceful form, every glance will let you create endless reveries, the charm of nature, at this moment, reflected incisively and vividly.


A small town that existed because of coal mines came to many people’s eyes because it had the last steam trains in China.

Looking at the layers of the edge of the sinkhole like tree rings, the running steam train is more emotional, perhaps in many people’s hearts, it is people’s soul can not forget the feelings. DaHaiDao

Dahai dao is the nearest road between dunhuang and turpan in ancient times. The annihilation of history makes this road stay in the memory of the ancient silk road.

The beauty of Kumul is the existence that no one can describe. Every glance of you here may be a fascinating scenery.

Barkol grassland

Barkol grassland is the second largest grassland in xinjiang, is that you release the soul, carnival rides. Spring and summer, the green wave of boundless ares, flowers all over the field, butterflies fly, birds call, and that crystal clear through the lakes, magnificent towering mountains, white cattle and sheep, hospitable people, all these things will make you can not help but here a wild, sleep, see the sky cloud roll yunshu.

At the end of October, the withered and yellow grassland no longer flies in the sky as usual, and the cold snow and ice begin to press on it. There are fewer animals and fewer visitors. Only then does this piece of heaven and earth enter into the beautiful and quiet time, and the vast grassland is reborn in the dead silence.

Kumul, beautiful scenery, delicious food, is such a mysterious and beautiful place. Do you have the same feeling as me?