There are so many good places to travel in sichuan, especially in western sichuan.

Just a jiuzhai yellow dragon in aba has robbed many people of their hearts. However, although jiuzhai huanglong is beautiful, it is sometimes a little more crowded. Many people have been there and always want to find something more beautiful and fresh.

This place, hidden in a small corner of sichuan, although not jiuzhai huanglong reputation, but this little known quiet beauty, can meet your private desire to enjoy a beautiful!

It is 10 times more beautiful than huanglong, there are more clever water than jiuzhai, any shot is an amazing photographer’s large, with a bright picture!

Because few people come to disturb, this place is convenient for decades and hundreds of years to keep its share of indifference, not as ostentatious as huanglong, but not less than half of huanglong:

There is a quietly flowing spring water, set off by the blue sky and snow mountains, beautiful enough to turn all living creatures upside down

There are close listen to the quiet water here, let a person suddenly enter colorful dream by mistake.

There are cattle and sheep that are not afraid of people,

You can live with it quietly and enjoy an equal peace of mind.

You turn around and you get different views in all four directions. Along the horse road, occasionally you will meet the herdsmen who love to smile, they will put their hands to you, all pure sight deeply touched your heart.

No deliberately decorated scenic spots, only the simplicity of nature; No crowded mountains and sea of people, only to find pure quiet; No price gouging, only selfless gifts.

This place, quanhua beach, is located in yulong west village, gongga mountain township, kangding city. Maybe there are too many beauties in kangding, quanhua beach is overshadowed by other beautiful scenery, but keeps the original side!

Maybe people who have been to huanglong will feel that quanhua beach is familiar with calcified pool, but quanhua beach is mysterious and beautiful, hiding in the valley, really like wonderland.

The neat ruts indicate that there are not many cars passing by,

The quiet around the road has a thousand birds fly off, million tracks out of the wilderness sense delta

Then, follow the donkey together, into this picturesque place, feel her different beauty.

It is more immortal than huanglong, here step by step a heaven!

Quanhua beach, about 4000 meters above sea level, belongs to alpine valley meadow landform. To the southeast is gongga mountain, which is a great place to see the “king of shu mountain”.

It is formed by chemical precipitation from a chemically rich spring water, which slopes down from the top of another mountain to create four layers of multicolored calcified pools at the bottom of the valley.

Each terrace has more than a dozen different sizes and shapes of the five color pool, the water depth of 40-70 cm, color pool of water and grass dependent, stone flowers little, doubt for the world, and “huanglong” comparable!

Under the sunshine, the water in quanhua beach is very clear, and the colorful waterscape will change into different colors as the sun moves, like a colorful dream……

This is a photographer’s paradise, no matter how you shoot, you can capture the fairyland feeling. The most important thing is that there are few people here, its ethereal and quiet, will make your lens more plump and eye-catching!

This is quanhua beach, which is more immortal than huanglong and a paradise for photography lovers.