January, white fog thin, snow did not melt, frost vegetation.

In February, yan oblique fly across the green bank of jinchuan river valley, oblique spring ripples, shaking the spring wind.

In march, pear wind, thousands of white flowers such as snow, pressure branches to low.

Sunshine through the layers of flowers, sprinkled on the body, that moment, the time suddenly static.

The whole awakening of insects to the grain rain, jinchuan earth pear, know all the secrets of people.

Know spring, warm sun is how to climb into the window lattice, the spring patterns printed in the house on the brick, countless transparent dust in the light column, never tired to play roll.

Know that the night of the tianfang cool as water, that proud aroma has a romantic.

Pear flowers everywhere, I praise jinchuan alone.

Jinchuan, known as “aba small south of the Yangtze river”, is located in aba Tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture. It is the world’s largest pristine, high-altitude snow pear growing area.

With pear, jinchuan pear is different from other places. The pear tree in jinchuan is relatively tall. The oldest one has been 100 years old, but it is in full bloom.

This is just like the spirit of jinchuan people: “generous, firm, optimistic and positive”.

Every spring in March, white pear climb on the branches, and this year’s jinchuan pear festival, will be officially kicked off on March 16.

One hundred years old pear trees, ten thousand acres of mountains, a spring breeze stroke the warmth, such as snow flying beauty, pear flowers so holy open full mountain valley.

Snow on the top of the mountain and pear flowers in the valley are in full bloom. Under the blue sky and white clouds, among the green villages, this is the most beautiful land in March.

Therefore, some people say, not until jinchuan, do not see “three unique”, never see the real spring.

Snow on the mountain, pear snow on the mountain

In march, there are snow plateau snow, snowflakes flying, pear into the sea, competing for yan, this is a must.

Jinchuan, which is located between dazxue mountain and qionglai mountain in sichuan province, is full of spring. Jinchuan river valley, thousands of trees, pear blossom.

Spring breeze blowing, fragrance, mist filled the mountain stream, the house is also in the pear set off, more soft.

At this time, the top of the mountain is the world of snow, but the bottom of the mountain is covered with pear flowers, quiet and pure, the two reflect each other, the beauty reflected in the slowly flowing river.

Mountain flowers fly, pear flowers make spring

Pear chaos dance, snow waves flying, a jiangyinlong, two hundred miles of jinchuan wrapped in nine days of white clouds, silver outfit, is the most rare peculiar landscape.

See the two sides of the big jinchuan river, ten thousand acres of pear at the same time, the grand momentum of the scale is the most beautiful aba plateau scenery.

Pear tree branches, spring is qiao. Large areas of pear flowers clustered together, issued by the fragrance is so let a person infatuated!

Spring breeze everywhere, the group of flowers disorderly dance. White petals from the tree down, straight around the people around! People over, flower drop, leave fragrance.

Look at the fog and smell the flowers

In the pear garden with a mist, the holy pear flowers covered with soft veil of gauze, hazy, the most beautiful.

Piaoyao fog, hazy flowers, in a pure world, smell the pear faint scent, indulge your thoughts, let your thoughts with the wind elegant.

Standing on the immortal bag, sporadic villages, early spring terraces, front and back of the house pear, panoramic view.

Big jinchuan clear slow flow, like a gentle silk ribbon, pear endless, such as rolling snow waves.

Beautiful flowers, amazing time

In the pear flowers, the beauty pear vortex smile, or dance in the wind, or quietly admire the flowers, the local woman is known as “dongnu”, naturally also should be a jinchuan.

Walking in the flowers, the pear is pure, the woman under the flower dimples like flowers, it is really refreshing!

A versatile pear fairy with slender and picturesque eyebrows, sparkling eyes and graceful feet.

A return to mou, drunk floating, tilcheng also tilting country.

Jinchuan pear sea, let you have a youth.

In march, you go to jinchuan pear township, bathing in the spring glory, to see thousands of trees white pear blossom like snow, such as clouds, such as fog, to find your spring.