Linzhi, Tibetan means “the throne of the sun”, referring to the place where the sun rises. It is located in the southeast of Tibet and east of Lhasa. Some people call it Tibet in Tibet, and some people call it Jiangnan in Tibet.

From September to October, Linzhi in the autumn is the season with the most colorful colors. The colorful woods, the green canyons and the glacier snow-capped mountains are dotted with a dreamy fairy tale world, just like the colored stones of the son-in-law to fill the sky.

Linzhi is not only a charming scenery, but also has a low altitude. For those who have a high altitude response to Lhasa, it is recommended to go to the lowest altitude Nyingchi area to help ease the altitude sickness.

Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon

The last secret of mankind

The Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon is the world’s largest canyon, and was selected as the first of the ten most beautiful canyons in China by China National Geographic.

The most dangerous and core part is the section of the river that is nearly 100 kilometers long from Baima Xiong. The canyon is deep and the torrent is roaring. No one can pass it yet. Its difficulty and danger are called “the last mystery of mankind”. .

In the canyon, you can enjoy the natural landscapes from the tropics to the cold belts, and bring together many biological resources. It is the best natural museum.

Nanga Bawa

China’s most beautiful mountain

Nanga Bawa Peak is the most beautiful mountain in China and a paradise for animals and plants. It is said that Tibet is the favorite place for nature lovers.

It also has another name, “Muzhuo Bal Mountain”. Its huge triangular peaks are covered with snow all the year round, and the clouds are haunted. It is never easy to reveal the true colors, so it is also called “Shameful Peak”.

Lulang Linhai

The last secret of mankind

Here, the mountains and the clouds gather together, and the snow-capped mountains, the forests, and the countryside delineate a quiet and beautiful “mountain map”.

The Lulang Linhai is located on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway about 80km east of Bayi Town in the Nyingchi Region. It is 3700m above sea level. This is a typical plateau mountain meadow narrow strip.

The forest is composed of bushes in the green hills on both sides and dense spruce and pine trees. The trees are dominated by Cyclobalanopsis glauca. In the middle of the forest, there are neat meadows, streams are among them, and a large number of birds inhabit them.

Time is not waiting for people, beauty is not always there, if the heart is moving, then set off immediately!