Holy scenery in Tibet, beautiful scenery in xinjiang

However, many people ignore the beauty of western sichuan

They say they must go to Tibet once in a lifetime

The western sichuan?

Never come to western sichuan once in a lifetime

How do you know how beautiful a land of plenty is

There are not only the love songs of kangding, the sacred mountain of daocheng and the clear water of jiuzhai

And many, many unknown sights

But still beautiful let a person want to cry

Nobody expected it

In western sichuan, baoxing county is very close to chengdu

And such a beautiful sight

So much so that it feels like

God was a little partial to the little town that was nestled in the foothills

Here there is a lush highland forest – shenmulei

Qiaoqi Tibetan village is a jiarong music and dance paradise

And the red leaves of the hundred li –¬†Dongla grand¬†canyon

What’s more, it has the best 360-degree viewing platform in Asia – dawa genza

Baoxing, such a diverse landscape of the county, looking for a time to browse, just

The most beautiful scenery hides in the precipice

Dawa genza means “beautiful sacred mountain” in Tibetan.

The road to dawa genza is difficult

No deep driving experience

I trudged to the top of the mountain through a muddy road full of fog

It will be very difficult

The morning will be the most beautiful time in upper dawa

Rub his sleepy eyes and open them

The morning glow brought the brightness of dawn

The sea of clouds

The red sun had not yet leaped over the hill

A vast red ocean cast on the surrounding snowy mountains

The undulating hilltops were slightly reddish

The Buddha is a little girl who has just woken up and let out her shy colors

Until the cloud revealed the familiar four girl mountain yaomei peak

Holy enough to knock your head off

Finally, the sunrise is coming

The first rays of light came through the layers of clouds

It was a bright but beautiful light

Lit up the peaks of siguniang mountain

It also lights up the smiling faces of a group of old photographers

The sea of clouds was interwoven with the shimmering gold

Suddenly turned into an ethereal haze

The undulations of the clouds beneath the feet are breathtaking

Dawaganza can look around the four maiden mountains to the north and the sacred pagra mountains to the south

Gongga qunfeng in the west, emei mountain in the east and other famous mountains

Also can enjoy cloud waterfall sea of clouds, sunshine jinshan, Buddha, Tibet, etc