There is a place in sichuan

It was still cold on the step, and thick coats were wrapped about it

A little inappropriate cold

Can’t stand it

There are majestic snow mountains

Vast grasslands, pure lakes

Tagong prairie

Tagong prairie is more than 3,700 meters above sea level. Thousands of years of Tagong prairie lay silent, with the majestic yala snow mountains in the distance


The mysterious and beautiful Mugecuo sea of seven colors hidden deep in the green mountains is like a piece of good jade, which has its own cool and refreshing even in summer

Muya shengdi

The viewing place of the first foguang cloud sea on the sichuan-tibet line, the sky is high and blue, the clouds are low and white. And round marmots frolicking

The dragon The lantern grassland

Day green wild boundless, dragon lantern grassland play hooligan. Cattle and sheep graze leisurely in the rich pastures, where stories of king gesar circulate


With its majestic snow-capped peaks, star-studded alpine lakes, lush and green primeval forests, and slowly flowing streams, daling mountain has become a paradise for many hiking enthusiasts

Zha Xi Ka Prairie

At Zha Xi Ka Prairie, you will marvel at its majestic grandeur and wild, unadorned natural beauty, its primitive, pure, and abundant flowers with a deep beauty


Magnificent sacred snow mountains, vast meadows, lush primeval forests, clear blue sea, flowers everywhere grassland, here seems to be gathered all the beauty of the snow plateau


High mountains, luodong lake side like a pure girl, yingying blue water reflecting the mountains and forests, especially beautiful

Cuoka lake

Cuoka lake is not big, jasper lake crystal clear, kaleidoscope general collection of blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains, red temple figure, as if the whole world is in her arms

Haizi mountain sister lake

Between the black mountains, dotted with two dazzling green pearl, fertile grassland, snow mountains remote reflection


The average annual temperature of Wuxuhai is only 4.9℃. The lush primeval forest and wide meadow surround the lake, the lake is green and clear, and the environment is quiet. The twelve fairy peaks and Wuxuhai in the distance reflect each other, just like a fairyland on earth

Cuopu Ditch

Sparkling lake, bright blue lake water, thousands of years have not changed, like a natural sapphire, mountain clouds and clouds, meadow on the perfect combination of light and shadow

Gonggar mountain

The clear blue sky light clouds, snow peak as if within reach, colorful prayer flags in the wind whirring


Sertar’s five bright buddhist college is the largest Tibetan buddhist college in the world. Among the mountains and in the large red houses, faith is like a warm light in the heart, guiding the direction of progress

Yaqing Temple

It is the world’s largest jaum temple, and the river flows around the small wooden houses where thousands of worshippers live

Dege Scripture Printing Lamasery

The monastery is quite small, but when you enter the monastery, you will find that it is in fact the “encyclopedia of Tibetan culture”, and also a comprehensive Tibetan world. Over the past hundred years, the workers of the monastery have never stopped the original printing

Songghmani stone passes through the city

Built in the time of king gesar, the stone classic city is full of magical colors and legends. Here you will be amazed at the mani stone, and the pilgrims who worship around the city wall one by one


Daofu in July is golden. The endless rape flowers are blooming just right. The wind is light and the clouds are light

Jiaju sect village

Jiaju village is the first of the “most beautiful villages in China”, and the whole village is built according to the mountain, and therefore is graceful and graceful. Rich national characteristics of the house as a series of pearl, emerald green grass trees, revealing the natural simplicity