It’s another year of flowers

It’s graduation season again

About to embark on a new course of life

Youth never ends

Make friends

Take a graduation trip

Add some good memories to your youth


All say Tibet is the place where is the nearest to heaven, is everybody’s dream, you can choose a small shop in Lhasa, dressed in a Tibetan costumes, plunge into a braid, reincarnate Tibetan girl, also can deep into Tibet, to yangzhuoyong lake, namtso, ink, feel the unprecedented real landscapes, a trip to Tibet to complete a spiritual journey.

Dali in yunnan province

A backpack, a DSLR, a group of like-minded friends, in Dali, let the dream begin. Go to the ancient city to explore the charm of the years, riding to see yunjuanyunshu. Spend two or three days, around erhai lake, listening to the sound of waves, let time sink, a beautiful continuation. Here with friends, make a wish for the future.

Gannan zagat

Here, there are a lot of green, misty mountains, quiet and honest tibetans, everywhere is a picturesque scenery, and friends and students want to feel the xanadu life.


Qingdao is known as “Asian Berlin”, with many beautiful exotic and prosperous scenes, such as trestle, Catholic church and badaguan. Without expensive consumption, you can feel the German style and coastal style on street corners. Of course, the seafood in Qingdao cannot be missed.


Here, the scenes in novels and idol dramas immediately come to my mind, and I can count the impressive scenery in TV dramas, which is the reason to go to Taiwan. Taipei’s small fresh, very happy, food bursting night market, and kenting’s sea, if youth needs a gorgeous adventure, then you must not miss Taiwan.

Daocheng yading, sichuan

Seize the youth of the tail, and will be separated from the friends to go to daocheng yading, see the blue days, see the white mountains, hand in hand through the time forever engraved in the sacred mountain on the lake.

Lugu lake, yunnan

Someone said, come to lugu lake, you can certainly find the poem and distance. Repose in the arms of the mountains like a falling stars, so quiet, and particularly bright.

Qinghai lake, tea card

The northwest is far away, but it has the most magnificent scenery. Starting from June every year, qinghai lake welcomes the most beautiful season. The climate is comfortable and pleasant, and the clouds are within reach. You can go to the “sky mirror” to feel the color of the water and the sky.

Kanas and ili in xinjiang

Xinjiang is the farthest city from the sea in China. It is mysterious but full of charm. It is all poetry and distance. Xinjiang scenery is very spectacular atmosphere, to see the kanas beautiful scenery, to embrace the green ili.

Anhui hong cun

“All my life, no dream huizhou.” Known as “the village in Chinese painting”, hongcun features hui-style architecture and the oscar-winning film crouching tiger, hidden dragon. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle, then walking in the misty rain in the ink huizhou may be the best choice for graduation trip.

Zhejiang xitang

Feel the poetic and painting water town xitang, a picturesque water town. Try old duck soup, xitang Fried green beans, and a pot of yellow wine; Walk through the SLATE road that is full of moss, sit black cover boat to cross a small bridge, take a picture together with bestie as a souvenir, the memory of original youth also can be so poetic.


Guilin is a garden city without severe cold in winter and cool in summer. With convenient transportation, you can enjoy yangshuo and lijiang river with your friends, riding bamboo rafts together. The water ripples and the mountain mist fills the air.

Dunhuang, gansu province

Exquisite murals and sculptures in mogao grottoes, shifty yandan landform community, clear crescent spring, boundless mingsha mountain, in the rugged northwest, there is a touching softness. Here, there is a simple appeal, a deep into the bone marrow of the amazing; Here, let the millennium monuments witness your youth.

The hulunbuir

“Let us live in the company of the world, and enjoy the prosperity of the world.” The top of the head is azure blue sky, the foot is verdant grassland, ear is melodious music, and friends prance horse whip, wine when song, see prairie sunrise and sunset, set up tent camp together, not happy zai?


“Walk the streets of chengdu with me… “The interesting thing about the graduation trip is that you can taste all kinds of things while enjoying the scenery. After graduation defense and job hunting, the leisurely pace of life in chengdu is comfortable. Don’t miss hot pot, sichuan cuisine and snacks alike. Come to chengdu for a gourmet tour!

Gulangyu island, xiamen

Go popular gulangyu, had better stagger the peak in July and August. May and June outings are neither hot nor crowded. Fresh air, classic architecture, split streets, pure sea breeze. Many years later, I hope to remember each other in the alley the most beautiful laugh.

Shanghai Disneyland

Pull up 3 good friends, play roller coaster, follow parade float to dance together, take a group photo with cartoon character, see fireworks blossom before castle in the evening, such stimulation is funny graduation travel also quite novel, everybody talks about childhood together, talk about dream, graduation won’t be too sentimental!