The same destination, not the same mood, not the same scenery, not the same encounter, not the same 318, not the same own, but only because of the past 500 years of entanglements, had a brush with this life. Did you miss it?

The original

There are the undeveloped lotus lake, wuxuhai in the boudoir, zimei pass, the little known gongga, the mysterious past life of ramrasu, and the great lady xuanshao went out — shandan area.


There are the most beautiful mountain in China — namjarbawa peak, the most beautiful glacier in China — midui glacier, the world’s deepest grand canyon, and more beautiful scenery is on the way, China’s most beautiful landscape road waiting for your record.

The humanities

From villages of different styles to Tibetan temples full of magic, from strong kangba man to beautiful and simple zhuoma girl to the Tibetan people throwing themselves to the ground, from colorful folk culture to shocking religious belief, this place will bring you into the cultural landscape of Tibet.

A ray of morning light shines in a corner of heaven

The beautiful girl is wearing the colorful figure of five rosy clouds.

Wuxuhai, comparable to jiuzhaigou

Sea and sky integrated scenery, so you can not tell where is the mountain; Where is the sea? Where is the tree

Haizi mountain scenery

Scattered stones and blue sky and white clouds formed a silent picture

Aden scenery

Snow mountain, haizi, meadow neatly standing in their own position to stick in this piece of heaven and earth.

Sisters lake

No matter how the world changes, they share the ups and downs.

Nujiang River and TongMai crash

Spectacular? We only sigh its risk, its spectacular, who knows the story behind it, and who knows those who pay for it blood, tears and sweat. When you walk on the smooth road, when you wait at the roadside to wait for the landslide road to be repaired, can have thought for this road and pay the loveliest soldiers, we can see such a beautiful scenery today is because of their hard work.

Midui Glacier

The sleeping child was quiet and serene

Niyang River

Purples is a landscape painting with light ink, elegant yet noble.

Nnamjagbarwa mountain

A spear piercing the blue sky

The reflection of the past life in this life lamazo

She hides quietly in the valley, as if your approach to her will disturb her meditation

Potala palace in afterglow

It contains a thousand years of history and culture

Cloth palace in the moonlight

Cloth palace of the night is silent, let a person feel empty, the appearance of the moon startled the birds perched outside the cloth palace, they are still from time to time out of a burst of crisp birdsong, for this silent night to play a melodious tune.