Arrived in Lhasa that night,

Standing in the Potala Palace Square for a long time,

Looking at her under the night, the lights are like the Heavenly Palace.

Suddenly when the tears flowed out.

Afternoon in the sun,

a sky with white clouds flowing,

There is a lake reflected in the green willow,

There is a wave of warm air,

And a time when you are in a daze.

Fall in love with Tibet, often only at this moment

When you stroll through Barkhor Street,

When you walk around the Jokhang Temple,

When you look at the people who worship in front of the temple…

When you are slightly hypoxic and stick to the mouth,

When you look at the wide sky and the open earth,

When you smile,

When you gasp slightly,

Looking at the prayer flags fluttering in the wind…

When you come to this land of Tibet,

When you are singing and dancing, regardless of nationality.

When you are jumping with a small partner who is entering Tibet.

When you see the most holy lake, it reflects the blue sky and white clouds.

When you are sitting by the lake, listening to the legend when you are in a daze.

When you have been to Tibet, every time you come to rain,

I remembered the heavy rain that I met in Tibet.

When you look at the lake in Nam Co, feel your soul is washed.

When you look at the sloping sheep lake,

The blue color is different in color under the influence of weather and climate.

When you forget your phone,

When watching the stars in a daze like a child.

The moment when the paper wind is thrown into the sky.