In Tibet, there is such an animal, he is fat round earth, but he is not a marmot. He has a generous face different from other animals, and his eyes are always filled with disdain, known as the “expression king” of the animal kingdom. Although his appearance level is low, he still receives numerous fans because of his silly and adorable temperament, and countless people have the strange idea of “really want to pinch the flesh on his face” at the first sight of him. But who is he?

His name is zang hu, and he has a pleasant Tibetan name, boji warma. He is the fox with the lowest level of appearance.

Appearance level of Tibetan fox:

How ugly is the Tibetan fox? Practice thousands of years, but also not fan bingbing, because that generous face and a pair of dazed eyes……

In scientific terms, the snout of the Tibetan fox’s skull is long and narrow. The lateral snout width between the two second upper premolars is usually less than 21 mm. Although the heaven is not full, but the court radius, is also a late blessing.

Distribution area of Tibetan fox:

The Tibetan fox is mainly distributed in China, India and Nepal. It is widely distributed in Tibet, but not seen in the forests of southeast Tibet. Tibetan foxes are also found in qinghai, gansu, xinjiang, sichuan, northwestern yunnan and western sichuan.

Life span of Tibetan fox:

The life span of the Tibetan fox is about 8~10 years, and the selected mate is a lifelong companion.

I can be handsome without looking at my face

Due to the sparsely populated plateau, the Tibetan fox is generally not afraid of people, but if the Tibetan fox in the qinghai-tibet highway when walking to see human beings, it will also quickly run away, and will also “a run three back”, is a very strong alert animal. The Tibetan fox likes to live alone, but some people have seen the mother with her cubs playing in the grass.

Tibetan fox, a poet with a paralyzed face who walks in the animal kingdom. The poise of his posturing, his square face constantly mocking the busy world before him. Everyone anxious, irritable can stare at the goods for a while, there is a magic effect: not panic, take big point four son, steady……

I’m totally square…

In recent years, due to years of overhunting (selling fur) of Tibetan foxes, the number of Tibetan foxes has been sharply reduced.

I hope you take good care of the environment in Tibet. We don’t need to shout so loud a slogan. We just need to deal with the trivial things such as household garbage and food packaging when we go to Tibet.

I hope that in a hundred years or a thousand years, the Tibetan fox will be as ugly as ever. No, it will survive!

Look at me like a Wolf. Look at me. Don’t look at my face.