Tibet, the motherland’s most beautiful yaotai, she came from afar, if the western goddess, dense bright long civilization.

When the world is no longer lonely, when the past can not bear to look back, when the bustling camouflage yan state of the world, she is quiet as a virgin, silence should not originally lonely.

Chain-smoking, all through the ages quicksand, wilderness, sorrow dance branch Miao, swaying natural romance.

The yarlung zangbo river twists and turns, quietly flowing with her love, from a distance, that green binding just like the western goddess ribbon, fluttering gratuitous happiness.

If, if faith is the most true piety, if, all efforts only for the afterlife, then why? The holiness of potala palace is only for poverty and self-cultivation.

How many years have passed, who still remember, that a not old legend!

The world is safe and sound, not live up to you.

In order to meet you, everything can give up.

Tibet is beautiful, beautiful jade month shame flower, beautiful fish and geese.

When the lonely night of lang lang quietly talk about her helplessness, when the gentle moonlight gently touched the fingers of love, whether you will find that the original “wild kuang tian low trees, jiangqing month approachable” is so helpless.

It turns out that the poet’s inspiration is the harmony of illusion and composure, rather than the human singing.

Tour Lhasa, read Tibet, see the broad feelings, appreciate the mystery of such as, to the beauty of mountains and rivers, hengjizhen offer, wind to see, kuanggu long.

Yamdrok’s charm is breath-taking; Blue cover of the holy lake, clear and transparent, filled with thousands of lakes of the lake is not old legend.

All say west lake beauty, west lake romance, but the elegant yamdrok wrong is not known by the laity, she islands linked, lake lake dependent, like sleeping woman.

When the first light of the soft morning, the reflection of the lake with snow mountains, like a folded jade screen by nature, you can not tell which is true, but you have been intoxicated among them, and disdain to care. For this reason, everyone said, she is the heaven and earth beauty, is the combination of the holy and pure.

Inadvertently, the line of sight quietly into xigaze, looked down to see the vicissitudes of life through the history, wash can not wash her open-minded, the mountain situation winding around, low and not publicity, tashilhunpo temple inlaid in its, two clear stream winding and go, quietly passing, the tears, the flow of history, the flow of endless legend.

From a distance, the himalaya mountains are magnificent and majestic, lying in front of us. The surging clouds are flying down the waist of Mount Qomolangma, like a giant wading across the sky. At the foot, there are also a few clouds at times, which are powerful but not arrogant.

But is that tianhe? Don’t? That is the tide, is the spring breeze, no force can stop her advance.

Some people say, standing on the shoulders of giants to see the world, everything is brilliant, from the sky to see the earth, from the sky to see the earth, only to find that the original world is so small, we are just a grain of sand, not born for who, not for who.

The earth slowly turns, through the clouds, can clearly see her outline, like a dehydrated pearl, wearing a thin cloud cloak, enveloping your greed.

At the bottom of the snowy mountains, there are large lakes on display. The surface of the lake is covered with silk lines. From a distance, it looks like a piece of emerald green, silently arranged, guarding her precious.

Lake clearly see the water flowing through the spider tracks, dense confusion intertwined, like a fresh vein, in the beating of the law of life.

When you step into ali, you will listen to the ancient legends here, when the peak of xiangxiong kingdom is often recalled by the old people, and the wheel of history has gone through the vicissitudes of thousands of years.

Not to be missed, the towering kailash rinpoche, silvery white pyramid emitting continuous Buddha light, enough to shock the soul of the ages, this is the sacred mountain.

All civilizations flow out from here, endless, vivid.

Guge dynasty body and had to stop the rush QiongYin, it seems that the myth of ancient zhang zhung still murmured in ear never go away.

Follow the Buddha dharma to the Buddha, trace the river source to the snow mountain.

In those days, master xuanzang went to the west for buddhist scriptures, so he gave the beautiful mapayong lake the name of the western yao pool.

The dream of red mansions also tears, tell how many wounds, kongqiao river bank jiangbead grass is still green.

Walk to the bank of the river, take a piao weak water, quaffing dust.

Sit in front of the court and forget about the beauty of Tibet.