Xi Murong said, how to let you meet me, at my most beautiful moment. For this, I have been asking for five hundred years before the Buddha.

Buddhism: Going back five hundred times in the past, in exchange for a glimpse of this life.

Cangyang Gyatso said that in the world, he has a double law, and he does not bear the burden.

Buddha, no desire. Love, affectionate sex. The love associated with the Buddha reveals the cause and effect, hides the past and present, and seems to have been doomed.

If you want to go and travel with your loved ones, and get tired of the romantic island and the small town, why not go to see a Foshan, find the past and present life of Sanshengshi, and witness the loyal love?

Fanjing Mountain is such a famous Buddhist mountain. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, Buddhism has been circulating here. This piece of Brahma Pure Land is the legendary Maitreya Dojo.

Waiting for a sunny day, and my beloved, go to Fanjingshan. Believe me, this is a journey that is different.

In the clear skies, all the way to the song, the heart of things entrusted to the mountains and clouds. Just take your lover along the road and climb the mountains and ridges together to the horizon.

At the foot of the mountain, it is an ancient village with a simple folk customs. The knot is in the human world, and there is no car and horse. If you are fortunate enough to be a fairy godmother in this secluded place, it is also a beautiful thing.

Take the cableway up the mountain, ride the clouds in the clouds, and catch the mountains like a hide-and-seek. Two people make a pair of happy lovebirds, flying over thousands of miles.

The mountains are empty and silent, no one is so irritated. Two people have a lot of leisure time, follow the steps of the Wanbu Yunti, and rest, continue, and walk to the old days.

According to legend, the ladder has more than 8,000 steps, and it will be true love to accompany you.

In the mountains, the winding path is quiet, and many small animals are infested. If you are lucky, you can also see the golden monkey. This species has fewer species than giant pandas, and Fanjingshan is their only habitat.

It is also a pleasure in life to meet them with spirituality and to regain the childlike and childlike relationship with their lover.

The mushroom stone, which is made up of two hard stones, seems to be crumbling and tilting. However, after 1.4 billion years of wind and frost, it still stands, rising from the hotbed of the seabed to the peak of Wuling.

The wind and the clouds have changed into a star-shifting movement. The so-called “Popular grass is as soft as silk, and the meteorite has no transfer”. It is said that these two pieces are always eternal stones.

The wonder of the Fanjing Mountain is the red cloud and the golden dome. When the Xiaguang is surrounded, the entire mountaintop is reflected in the glory.

The Golden Summit is divided into two, which are the temple halls of Sakyamuni and Maitreya. Connected by a bridge in the middle, symbolizing the present and the future.

If you come here, you must walk through the bridge with your lover, meaning that you will live in this life and come to life.

I heard that the wishes and promises made here are all made.

No Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror. On the prince stone in the valley, you can also see a bodhi quietly growing.

Come to Fanjingshan, you must see the sea of ​​clouds. The sea of ​​clouds is full of waves, and the top of the mountain looks out. The spectacular natural scenery makes everything private and distracting.

In the blink of an eye, you will be able to make a fairy. However, people in love should only be ignorant.

Fortunately, such a beautiful scenery, there are lovers on the side, there are people to say.

Tagore said that if you miss the sunrise, you must not miss the starry sky again. Looking up at the stars in the mountains is a pleasure in the city’s artificial light source.

Three thousand prosperous reading, the happiest moment is still with the lover, count the stars on the mountain. The unique romance of the heavens and the earth will be deeply imprinted in memory.

The universe is eternal, life is small, and it is a good fortune to meet each other in the vast sea of ​​people.

This distant starry sky makes people think of the poem of Tsangyang Gyatso: This Buddha’s gleaming plateau is a paradise in three steps and two steps.

If the past five hundred times of returning for a glimpse of this life, then this life can hold her hand, must have saved the whole universe in the last life.

If you still have time, you can follow the village and tourists, join the “Love in the Clouds” activity, and make a vow of love on top of Foshan.

I have seen the mightyness of the sea of ​​clouds together, walked through the stone steps and together, and enjoyed the changes of the Xinghai. Once the sea was gone, the people in front of them should be especially cherished.

Don’t forget to make a promise before the Buddha: I hope one person’s heart, the white head is not separated.

If you are sincere and sincere, Buddha will be able to hear it.