Is it good to travel to Tibet in winter? The friends who plan to go to Tibet in winter should pay more attention to this problem. In fact, no matter from the cost of tourism, scenery appreciation and Tibet’s weather these aspects to consider, winter is more suitable for Tibet tourism. The winter in Tibet is not as cold as everyone imagined. It is so comfortable to go outside and bask in the sun during the day.

In terms of cost performance, it is suitable for traveling to Tibet in winter. Winter is the low season for tourism in Tibet. At this time, there are few tourists visiting Tibet. Train tickets to Tibet and tickets to some popular tourist spots in Tibet are relatively free in winter. In winter, Tibet’s accommodation, Tours, meals, chartered buses and other prices are much cheaper than peak season, and relatively few people, play is more comfortable and leisure, unlike July and August, walking in the barkhor street is crowded, so the price of travel to Tibet in winter is relatively high.

From the view of the scenery, winter is suitable for Tibet tourism. Although ali, nagqu and other places are not suitable for sightseeing in winter, most scenic spots, such as Lhasa, shannan and nyingchi, are still “charming”, even worse. The potala palace in winter is more sacred and serene, nyingchi in winter has more “Swiss” style, qingpu practice place in winter is more mysterious, you can enjoy the taste of the snow plateau more original ecology when you travel to Tibet in winter. I told you that Everest and nyingchi are popular tourist routes in Tibet in winter.

Considering the climate of Tibet, it is suitable to travel to Tibet in winter. The winter in Tibet that everybody imagines is a world of ice and snow, actually otherwise, the winter in Tibet is warmer and enthusiastic than everybody imagines. Most of the winter friends in Lhasa, shannan, nyingchi and other places to play, these places on the morning and evening temperature lows, general down jacket, jacket, sweater can cope with this winter, the sun during the day when the temperature and become comfortable, at this time outside to bask in the sun can be very comfortable. And the winter of Tibet does not have the damp and dank feeling of south, compare for example even the winter of most city wants warmth, consider from climate this respect so, winter also suits to go Tibet to travel sightseeing.

From the cost performance of Tibet tourism, the appreciation of Tibet winter scenery, the climate of Tibet winter, winter is suitable for Tibet tourism. Tibet in winter will give you different “amorous feelings”, and the sun in winter will give you a feeling like spring. Because of love, so choose to stay, if you have the opportunity to Tibet, welcome to my home, about Tibet things can consult me, I hope you and I can dream as a horse, I hope more people can fall in love with Tibet. Send you a Tibet dream, want?