It is said that there is a prairie dream hidden in everyone’s heart. I think the name of this dream, must be Inner Mongolia.

Fantasy lying on the green slope of the grass, to the blue sky and big white clouds, play a few roll and then a beautiful sleep, and the distance groups of cattle, sheep, horses as a companion, away from the vanity.

Come to Inner Mongolia, in addition to help you interpret the dream, but also for your dream a few points rich.

How beautiful is Inner Mongolia in summer, you ask me? A word is difficult to describe, but I look at a drunk!

Here, it’s green

Ulgai grassland

Ulgai grassland for ulla cover river named, is one of the world’s best preserved natural grassland, there are “horizon prairie” reputation.

The beautiful wulagai river flows quietly on the green grassland, attracting many photography enthusiasts, and is also a favorite shooting place for movies and TV dramas. The movie Wolf totem was shot on this grassland.

If you think the grassland is only fun during the day, you are wrong. In the early morning, the grassland is shining orange and mysterious. At night, the prairie is full of stars.

Hulunbuir pasture land

Hulunbuir pasture land is the best-preserved grassland in our country, the bamiyan, is called “grass kingdom”.

Flat and vast terrain, in the distance has slightly undulating, the whole earth is covered by green grass, like a thick carpet, in the blue sky set off, appears very fresh.

Every year from June to September is the best tourism season in hulun buir prairie, especially in July and August when the grassland grass is lush, suitable for riding horses in the hinterland of the prairie.

Summer days, always rain or shine uncertain, bright and dark, arouse ecstasy in which the people unlimited reverie.

Horqin Grassland

Horqin Grassland is sourdrang queen’s birthplace, Mongolian is the meaning of “the most loyal to the emperor’s tribe”.

The original spring river, the original vegetation, the original sky, the original flavor.

Flat and soft natural green field, place oneself among them, like personally in person the sea, when people or car or walk through, all are attracted by her beauty.

Huiteng xile grassland

Huiteng xile grassland in Inner Mongolia WuLanChaBuMeng ChaYouZhongQi the yinshan mountains of south-central east, more than 1800 meters above sea level, the Mongolian semantic for “cold plateau”.

The climate here is unique, the average temperature is only -3 degrees Celsius, the summer temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, there are “June snow, dog days” wonders, is a rare summer resort.

Between may and September, there are flowers everywhere, and a sea of green flowers turns into a sea of green flowers.

Here, it’s surprisingly blue

Hulun lake

Thorough reflection lake the pure blue sky, this is the hulunbuir pasture land on the blue diamond, hulun lake.

Hulun lake is calm and wavy, moving like a dragon rushing to shore. In summer, the climate of hulun lake is warm and cool, making it a beautiful summer resort.

The lake reflected the blue sky and white clouds, all beautiful, let a person as if into the picture.

Aershan tianchi

Tianchi lake is located on tianchi ridge 74 kilometers northeast of alshan mountain, with an elevation of 1332.3 meters, ranking the third in China after bogda peak tianchi lake in xinjiang and baitou mountain tianchi lake in jilin province.

Tianchi strange four points, one is not dry for a long time, long rain does not overflow, even the water level for many years do not rise or fall; Second, tianchi water has no river injection, no river discharge, a pool of water is extremely clean; Third, a few miles away from tianchi sister sister lake abundant fresh fish but tianchi no fish; Fourth, unfathomable, some people said wittily tianchi and geocentric interlinked.

Looking down from the air, the shape is like water drops, more like a crystal jasper, inlaid in the magnificent magnificent, green trees on the top of the mountain.

Every spring and summer season, the mountains are shrouded in water and gas, clouds and clouds, mountain mist shrouded, sometimes beside the mountain rising, sometimes rolling down, lush pine birch around the pool, yishan green shake green, constitute a unique natural landscape of tianchi.

Here, exotic feelings


There is a mysterious small town on the border of China and Russia, which is the source of Mongolian nationality, just across the river from Russia, and the only Russian ethnic township in China, which is shiwei town.

On the other side of the erguna river, the border between China and Russia, lies the quiet Russian town of orochchi.

Here retains a relatively good Russian culture and customs, in the true sense, you can enjoy the exotic customs of Russia without going abroad.

The charm of Shiwei is not only scenery, but also culture. You can go into the local residents’ homes and taste authentic Russian cuisine. The buildings are more beautiful under the sunset.


Engh township is located in the northwest of hulun buir city, surrounded by mountains, pleasant scenery, quiet and simple.

Everywhere there is a sense of ethnic exoticism. Surrounded by various flowers, wooden houses are as fragrant and beautiful as a garden. Night, do not reluctant to fall asleep, peace of mind to do a fairy tale dream.

Here summer, there is unlimited spread of green, blue to the blue bone marrow, there is a taste of exotic customs, there is a deep soul of the pure, such Inner Mongolia, look at the impulse.