In the winter, Seda Buddha College, Hailuogou and Bi Penggou became the spokesperson of the western Sichuan winter!

Seda Buddha College is only a half hour drive from Seda County in Ganzi Prefecture. It is known as the paradise of practitioners. It is the largest Buddhist college in the world and even in Tibetan areas. The crimson cabins are surrounded by hillsides and the winter is beautiful. !

Large red houses and monks wearing red robes walked in the snow, constantly turning the economy on the fingertips of the smart, immersively feeling the original, sacred, ethereal Buddha’s color.

The color is red, white, white and red to describe the winter is no better, the snow is coming quickly, and the temperature of the belief is felt under the blue sky.

In addition to the low-altitude glaciers in Hailuogou, the ancient virgin forest trees in winter are covered with snow, giving off a glamorous beauty and entering a beautiful fairyland fairyland.

Some people say that the most pleasant season in Hailuogou is in the winter, in the hot springs next to the glacier, in the snow in the ice gate, the romantic song of ice and fire.

Hailuogou has been hailed by National Geographic as one of the 55 places in life. It must be once in the winter, and enjoy the visual impact of ice and fire.

The winter in Bi Penggou is more amazing. In addition to watching the snow scene, there is skiing as one of the entertainment activities. The blue sky, the sun, the snow mountain and the sea are wrapped in silver, just like a fairy tale world.

On the way to Bi Penggou, you will pass through Taoping Village, which is called a labyrinth of Tibetan villages. After snowing, it adds another color, and you can’t miss any beauty along the way.

In the pure white world, the warm blue sky and the blue sky, embracing nature and feeling the visual feast of nature, make a warm journey in the drunken winter.