Is Chuanxi in winter really a low season? The western part of Sichuan in the winter has more charm, and several places in the western Sichuan Plateau are not deserted at all!

Seda College, a little red in the snow

Snowy color, this is a practice, many people think that the best travel season of Seda Buddha College is spring, summer and autumn, cold winter, hard environment and simple facilities will someone go?

Just because the small red mahogany house after snowing is too beautiful, the silver frost reflects the red cabin. The outsiders seem to be romantic scenery. For the practitioners, it is a time of adversity and a practice. Opportunity.

Xida Buddha College generally has strong sunshine during the snowfall in the daytime. The minimum temperature in winter is about minus 10 degrees, and the temperature in the daytime is around 0 degrees. It must be kept warm and cold, although the weather is cold, it is still the tourist season in winter.

Jiaju Tibetan Village, the beauty valley of Danba

Jiaju Zhaizhai is suitable for “no glamorous, deep hidden in the Hengduan Mountains, beautiful scenery and beautiful women”, and many office workers come to this short trip to relax every weekend.

Breathing the fresh air and watching the most beautiful scenery, this is the first place in China’s most beautiful country by National Geographic. It is the permanent residence of tourists.

The Tibetan villages and towers scattered on the hillside are hidden in the green flowers. The spring pears are more versatile than the Jiangnan, and the pears are under the graceful appearance of the Danba beauty. This is the famous Danba Beauty Valley.

Hailuogou, the hottest circle of friends in winter

In the winter, the circle of friends and the hot springs in the circle of friends, the envy and the enthusiasm, close to the hot springs of the glacier, the romantic song of ice and fire.

The open-air hot spring is located at the No. 2 camp in Hailuogou and the Gonggao Shentang between the No. 1 camp and the Mizoguchi. The spring water contains a variety of minerals that are good for the body, as well as the hot red rock beach.

This is just some of the hot spots in western Sichuan. I think you will have questions about why Daocheng Aden is not in Xiaobian’s article. In winter, Daocheng Yading is still very beautiful. Let’s take a look at the winter beauty of the winter!

Although the western Sichuan Plateau in winter does not have the hustle and bustle of June and August, the glory of September is not bad, but the western Sichuan Plateau in winter is not deserted. Although occasionally snow falls, most of the sky is sunny and shows the charm of winter.