Once, “the world is so big that I want to see it” triggered the circle of friends, which is still the cry of many people yearning for freedom.

After a period of time, gao xiaosong a “life is not just at the moment, and poetry and distance” let the city’s office workers often sigh with emotion about life, the general association of literature and art with this sentence.

Some people say that yunnan is suitable for holding your hand and swimming with your son. I really want to ask again. Do you have a minute? Let’s go to Dali.

Facing erhai lake, we sit on the ground with a pot of tea, listening to the wind singing and the sea singing.

This year, I said I must go to chengdu once, but I haven’t been there yet. I am longing for the pace of life in this city. Of course, the singer I pick is also from chengdu.

Here every corner, will be leisurely interpretation of incisively and vividly, almost daily is eating and drinking skittles, leisurely drinking afternoon tea in the park, time here should be wasted.

After I read the poems of cang Yang gyatso, I will go back to the old place. Wild on the plateau, with flowers and women in her arms!

Every Tibetan can sing the love poems of cangyang gyatso, and every street has the breath of cangyang gyatso.

“It is better to do it once than to think a thousand times. In fact, travel is the same principle.

Integrate travel into your life and stick to it. After a long time, you will find that what you care about is not the destination, not the scenery, but the people you meet and what happens.

Therefore, the following days, you want to live thoroughly comfortable, like what to pursue, there are poems in the heart also want to have a distance.