Western Sichuan is known as the landscape corridor. It seems that in the impression of tourists, the winter in western Sichuan has become a low season. In fact, it is not. It is also favored by tourists. Feel the romance in the world of fairy tales in the snow and ice!

In the holy lake of western Sichuan, when the netizens arrived in winter, they started a new name called the icy lake. Under the blue sky, the pure white lake blooms with beautiful scenery!

If the ice on the lake is thick enough, you can gently step on it, but be careful not to walk blindly! Is it so unbearable to go on such a beautiful scene!

In addition to curious about the scenery of western Sichuan in the winter, I also want to find out about the road conditions. Looking at such a road surface, I know the importance of the snow chain in winter! The beautiful scenery on both sides and the blue sky are also beautiful and don’t want to be!

In the winter, the west of Sichuan has less tourists, and more is the quiet scenery. Although there is no golden autumn, choose to go to western Sichuan in winter to enjoy the winter colors.

In the winter, Daocheng Aden, the three main sacred mountains are still magnificent, and the flowing Gongga River has also formed a thin layer of ice. The sheep are grazing and looking for pasture, adding more life!

Seda Buddha College is wrapped in a layer of silver, blue, white, and crimson are the main colors of the Buddhist Academy in winter. The three colors form the most beautiful scenery and are the beauty that attracts tourists!

The winter in western Sichuan is like a fairy tale world of ice and snow. The beauty of the white snow seems to have a magical power. This is not only the shock of the visual, but also the desire to see a snow, the charm of the western Sichuan winter!