The last wave of feasts in the autumn of Sichuan, the color of the forest is full of mysterious colors for the western Sichuan Plateau. Recently, I received a lot of consultations. In mid-November, the leaves of western Sichuan were bald? Is it snowing? Today, Xiaobian told everyone that before December, you will be able to see the final color of Chuanxi!

Jiaju Tibetan Village, one of the most beautiful villages in China

The Danba Beauty Valley has been rated as the most beautiful country in China by National Geographic. The Tibetan villages are scattered in the canyons. The golden autumn of the Jiaju Tibetan village is more gorgeous than the summer, and the colorful colorful forests set off. A Tibetan house.

The Jiaju Zangzhai climbs up from the Dajin River valley and stretches to the foot of the Kapama group. The whole village is surrounded by rolling hills, magnificent scenery, infinite mysterious beauty valley, and the most innocent Tibetan area. Folklore, a stop on the trip to western Sichuan.

Xinduqiao, Xinduqiao, a photography paradise

I wanted to see the Fangdu of Xinduqiao very early, the Xinduqiao of Jinqiu, the magical light scattered on the photography corridor of Xinduqiao, the golden grassland, the flowing stream, the Tibetan village, the straight poplar, each One inch of land is a masterpiece under the photographer’s lens.

Xinduqiao is the most important intersection of the 317 National Highway of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway and the 318 National Highway of the South Sichuan-Tibet Line. It is also a coaching station for the Aden in Daocheng. The road from Xinduqiao to Daocheng Aden is also the most beautiful road, the new capital in November. The bridge is the last gorgeous color in autumn!

Daocheng Aden, the last pure land on the water blue planet

Daocheng Aden, as Chen said, I want to go to Daocheng Aden with my loved ones, look at the blue sky, the golden grass, the white snow mountain, the colorful color forest, just like watching an autumn fairy tale, Jinqiu The Daocheng Aden is the last beauty of the four seasons.

Daocheng Yading is the most beautiful natural landscape in western Sichuan. The three main sacred gods are Yangyang Yong, Xia Nuo Duoji, Xiannai Shenshan, three holy lakes of different colors: milk sea, pearl sea, five-color sea, the most beautiful snow-covered plateau The scenery, the Aden scenic spot in November, the golden leaves did not fall off, go to this time period, look at the fairy tale of Jinqiu!

Seda College, pure sky

It is also the most famous Buddhist college in the Tibetan area of ​​Sedan Buddha College and even the world. It is also the most famous human landscape in western Sichuan. It is centered on the grand hall of the Buddhist College. It is surrounded by hillsides. There are many small partners to consult. It’s snowing, is it very cold? When the first snow in western Sichuan comes, it’s fast, and you can wear a warm jacket in winter.

Seda Buddha College, it is also very spectacular when it snows, the white ones can see the red, the bypass is wearing a crimson practitioner, the face is in a peaceful state, the Seda College under the blue sky Watching the entire Buddhist College on the observation deck and the mandala must be quite shocking!