When it comes to xinjiang, the first thing people think of is far away

But if you’re going to travel, this is a great place

Here will snow mountains, grasslands, deserts, gobi, lakes, and other beautiful scenery are a perfect combination together!

Nalat grasslands

This is the famous ranch

Rated as “one of the six grasslands in China”

Summer grassland, wildflowers everywhere, colorful

Water and grass, cattle and sheep fat

Sayram Lake

It was the “last tear of the Atlantic”

The lake is clear and blue, with green grass on the edge of the lake

In the distance, the snow-capped tianshan mountains

When the weather is bad, it looks like an elegant ink painting

Kanas Lake

Beautiful and mysterious lake

Like a beautiful but slightly mysterious girl

In different seasons, the lake also presents different colors, colorful and unpredictable

Baihaba village

It has the reputation of being “one of the eight most beautiful towns in China”

It’s a colorful world here in autumn

Yellow poplar leaves, red birch leaves, yellow larch leaves

The meadow on the hill was brown and red, with snow-white peaks and blue sky and white clouds

It’s like a fairy tale world

Hemu Village

It is also known as the no.1 village in China

“God’s homestead.

Small wooden houses in the mountains and empty valleys

Small bridge water, horse herder from the forest dust

This beautiful scenery, is like place oneself among the colorful oil painting, as beautiful as poetry

Huocheng lavender

The land most remote from the sea

In an instant there was boundless vitality and romance

Karakan grassland

The main mountain is thickly covered with snow-capped spruce

The top of the mountain is an integrated, south slope of the platform landform

Like a meadow in the air

The grassland is a typical type of grassland with unique scenery and abundant grass


Kaidu river of “nine curves and eighteen curves”

The second largest grassland in China

Also known as swan lake scenic area, surrounded by snowy mountains

There are many rivers and lakes,

The grasslands are surrounded by mountains, alternating between rolling hills and vast meadows

The view is very beautiful

Kuqa grand canyon

Mountains, mountains, mountains, ravines, wide like a parking lot

Light and shadow change with the sunlight, sometimes dazzling, sometimes bleak

Valley in the valley, convex stand, meet a line and rope ladder, but also need hands and feet

Kumtag Desert

The third largest desert in China

It has the most abundant desert landscape

Sand nest, honeycomb sand, flat sand, wave sand dune, fish scale sand slope, desert and gobi mixed and so on

Dunes are clearly defined and well organized; Hill ridge line smooth, windward sand slope like water, leeward slope as a stream of sand

Fruit valley

This is the most beautiful valley in western xinjiang

The scenery is beautiful and fantastic

It has always been regarded as a place of interest in xinjiang

Known as ili “the first scene” of the good name

Guozigou viaduct is also very impressive

It’s one of the most beautiful roads in China

The Mountain of Flames

Hottest place in China

The barren hills here are bare and bare of grass.

When the midsummer, the sun in the sky, transpiration

Russet mountain under the sun, sandstone burning flash, like flying dragon, very spectacular

From this comes the name of flaming mountain

This place is so beautiful, with vast territory, mountains, grassland, desert, lush bazaar and fragrant fruits. The boy can sing, the girl can dance, it is waiting for your arrival