With the depth of cangshan mountain and the width of erhai lake, Dali hides too many interesting travel clues, such as nature, humanity, outdoor, food… Everything. During the interview in Dali for a few days, I deeply felt that all the good life in Dali is external, without secrets, regardless of newcomers.

In Dali bed single factory art area, stroll around hidden Dali literary life half of the country; Pick up an independent book in Dolphin ade bookstore and listen to a story of Dali people. In Dali, the doors of every studio, bookstore and Cafe are all open. You can walk in and activate your Dali life circle at any time.

Dali Sheet Factory Art Distric

For those who are not familiar with it, they will feel nothing special when they first enter the single bed factory. Three red brick factories with a distinct style of the 1970s and 1980s surround a small square, just like a miniature version of Beijing 798. However, turning over the mottled signs hanging on the walls of the single bed factory is almost half of Dali’s literary life.

The art district is composed of more than 40 artists’ studios, including Dali contemporary art space, multimedia classroom, gallery, cafe, pu ‘er tea house, independent publishing bookstore, ceramic art club, painter, craftsman, photographer, film and television media studio and musician.

And in this small world, every once in a while a variety of fun activities will be held, republican Party, vintage market, rave Party… The peak of Dali’s appearance level is almost always found here.

Single bed factory is also the most easy to “live” Dali all kinds of cultural celebrities. They like to come here and see old friends whenever they can. As xu song, a travel writer living in Dali, said, the biggest difference between the bed factory and other art districts is that it is more like the self-entertainment of Dali aborigines, providing a gathering place for them.

Dolphin ade bookstore

Dali’s most famous independent bookstore. Selling ‘fun and sincere’ books has always been a goal of Dolphin ade bookstore. The selected independent books in the store, with the owner’s obvious personal interest, cover art, design, literature, philosophy, travel and so on, becoming the deepest and most abundant literary soil in Dali.

Owner ade, from chongqing, is also a constantly looking at the sky, but also know the down-to-earth Dali new immigrants. Based on the bookstore, ade has also collaborated with his friends on a number of cultural and creative activities, such as a recent magazine book about the Dali people called “under the cangshan mountains.”

A collection of words

Dali is currently the most active art and literature position, a variety of lectures and performances on stage, Dali from all walks of life in the back and forth like a lantern.

In 2010, the founder came to Dali. As a former journalist, she started to publish a travel book, zizi, with the intention of creating an independent publication that speaks human language.

Since then, with the magazine book as the center, love to play the female thief and one after another founded the miscellaneous bookstore, home stay and now the miscellaneous character bistro, sell wine also sell high cold independent magazine, and all kinds of fun Dali hand.

Birdbar Cafe

In zhang Yang’s documentary life elsewhere, he mentions that the most frequented place in Dali is bird bar coffee. Owner rong jie is “old Dali”, has lived in Dali for nearly 20 years, is also a girl with a story. The cafe is also one of Dali’s favorite haunts.

Wat don house

In the crowded home stay industry in Dali, it is not the highest one, but the one with the most ideas and the most fun. They do Country walks in Dali, taking guests to all kinds of fun and unexpected places in Dali. They recruited Dali aborigines of the same variety who were “not engaged in formal work” and asked them to be tour leaders to have a good time traveling like local people.

They invited a mother who was good at “herding” to lead a summer camp to “herding” a group of children in the mountains of Dali in the same wild way. Please explain xizhou architecture to the school teachers who have the temperament of a scholar and grew up in xizhou’s deep house and big yard. With a series of personal memories, the boring architectural journey will become full of flesh and blood temperature.

“When I came to Dali, what kind of room I lived in was not the most important thing, but the experience of life.” Mr Lai, the founder of wadang wadeshe, says. “Dali has its own special feature, that is, living in life. People’s attention to the diversity of life forms is not found in other places… Hotels shouldn’t just provide a bed.” In Dali, wadang vasher is trying to extend the extension of a hotel to the maximum extent possible.