No matter whether two people are married or in love, travel can make people’s feelings warm, and leave the most beautiful imprint in some moments. Some people say that if he loves to take her to Sichuan, feel the holy martyrdom culture in the snowy plateau, rich in human landscape and natural landscape. Chuanxi, Xiaobian lists 5 reasons.

Although there are no romantic seas in the beautiful scenery of western Sichuan, and the temperature difference is large in the morning and evening, but the spiritual snow mountains, grasslands, holy lakes, blue sky, the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in western Sichuan, the most suitable for slow travel in western Sichuan, must be Warm and small romantic trip.

1. Snow Mountain Holy Lake Witness Love
If you travel to western Sichuan with the other half, be sure to go to Daocheng Yading to see an autumn fairy tale, walk with your loved ones under the pure white snowy mountains and golden meadows, what kind of coziness and romance, confide under the sacred snow mountain The voice of love, witness the love story of yours.

The snow-capped holy lake of the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau is full of spirituality in the hearts of Tibetans. It is known as the Siguniang Mountain after the Lushan Mountain, the Gongga Snow Mountain of the King of Lushan Mountain, and the Yala Snow Mountain of the second township of the Tibetan Buddhism. It is full of spiritual holy lake. The sun shines under the microwave.

2. Together with the grassland dream

In addition to the sea scenery, the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau has innocent grasslands and blue sky and white clouds. The Maoyan Prairie is one of the most beautiful six grasslands in China. The beautiful scenery of the Tagong Grassland and the Yala Snow Mountain lies. Sitting, sitting, jumping, and the grassland memory of two people.

3. Glacier Hot Springs Red Rock Beach

The glacial waterfall that plunges down, the most famous Hailuogou glaciers in western Sichuan, is rated as one of the 55 countries in life by National Geographic. The glacial hot spring is a pleasant enjoyment, and the romantic beauty of slow travel in western Sichuan. Enjoy it.

4. Seda Buddha College, the kingdom of red faith

With the beloved, came to western Sichuan, how can you get the world’s largest Sida Buddhist College? The crimson cabins, which are densely populated by the Buddhist College, are surrounded by hillsides. Not only the visual regret is the shock of the soul, but also the loved ones feel the richest human landscape in the snowy plateau.

5. Taste the purest Tibetan cuisine

In the Tibetan Plateau, you must experience the authentic Tibetan cuisine, pure butter tea, tea, green wine, dried beef, hand-caught lamb, and a loved one to live in a Tibetan village, such as National Geographic. “As one of the most beautiful villages in China, the Jiaju Zhaizhai, watching the sunrise and sunset, and the friendly conversation with the Tibetans.